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5th Date Conversation

Maybe try doing something else on the fifth date? Make things more exciting for the both of you. You will have to work on keeping the spark alive. Is he coming off a bit too strong? I know you want to know everything about this man. Getting to know someone includes some basic info about that person. He already has everything figured out and now there he is dumping it all on you.

So watch out! Do you share the same values? We think that those values can be bent to our own will somewhere down the road.

For example, do you both want to get married and have kids one day? Is that truly one of his goals in life? Another thing you should truly see is if your religious values are the same.

There are so many people in this world who want the same things in life as you do, so believing that someone will change for you is a dangerous trap to fall into.

Could you really move past the fact that you want to be exclusive but he wants an open relationship? Does the conversation flow? When you first start going out with someone, conversations may seem a little forced from time to time. By the fifth date, the conversation should flow easily. Everyone has their own pace.

But at one point or another, the tension should cease to exist. This can become a genuine issue later down the road. By the fifth date, conversation should come easily. Are there any mutual interests? Of course, having mutual values in life will help you more than having mutual interests.

Mutual interests include things like the music you listen to, your love for sports, art, or the TV shows that you watch.

These might sound trivial to you right now, but they become really important when you get to a certain point in your relationship. Sometimes, the only topics you will be able to talk about are things like politics, your friends, or simple gossip about the people you both know. Do yourself that favor. Are you talking about your future? That future may be either a year down the road of casually dating or only up until the fifth date. You should truly have it as soon as possible. You just need to figure out if you can talk about the future with him.

What you can look out for is the way he phrases his sentences and the things he says about your future together. Does he just brush it off when you mention it or does he get genuinely excited? Places like his hometown or even a music concert three months from now. Try these fail-proof conversation starters. Nov 13, annebaekGetty Images So you planned an awesome first date. Now, you just have to figure out what to talk about.

Nothing gets the sparks flying on a first date like witty, original questions. Talking about the weather isn't going to score you any points with a potential romantic partner, so if you're looking to get her laughing you're going to have to have to bring your A game.

A good place to start is asking about her job. Another idea: Fire off whimsical questions, like what she wanted to be when she grew up. If that makes her laugh and open up, keep the offbeat questions coming.

Unexpected topics can provide more insight into her personality—and opportunities for flirtation—than the typical get-to-know-you chatter. We also combed Reddit—home to many interesting relationship stories—for advice on first date conversation starters.

Here are some great questions and conversation starters to pull out on your romantic rendezvous. When that aligns, I find the first dates to be much more successful. It helped break the ice, and then I realized how funny he was. Then when he started asking about my siblings, I knew he was there for more than just a first date.

He wanted to ensure he was adding to my life and not hindering it. When he asked me to marry him I was sure. It opens the conversation up to talk about so many related things, like culture and cuisine.