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A Nice Chat

I like a nice chat before I go to bed. But Pete and I did have a nice chat. We had a very nice chat yesterday. We've had some nice chats down there so I thought Had a nice chat with your old commanding officer. Had a nice chat with our boy sean. I'm just having a nice chat with the girls. I could use a nice chat. We had a nice chat about you.

I had a really nice chat with your mom. I had a nice chat with your family court judge. I want this to be a nice chat, like we had before. A transcript of the interaction can be kept on record for future reference, and shared with the customer. This is helpful if the customer contacts the company again about the same issue.

Chat is gaining in popularity as a communication channel between consumers and businesses due to its convenience and effectiveness. For example, a customer might be confused when checking the status of their order online and quickly open a chat session with an agent to get their questions answered.

Additionally, NICE research shows that consumers find chat to be one of the top channels for satisfaction and ease of use. An emerging technology that is impacting and enhancing chat interactions is chatbots. Chatbots can be powered by artificial intelligence AI , and may be used first to engage customers, answer simple questions, and gather relevant information about the customer and their issue. If a chatbot can't resolve the issue, then the chat interaction is escalated to a contact center agent.

Because it passes along the information it gathered, it improves agent productivity. Chatbots are getting more effective every day and savvy businesses are figuring out where they fit in their service models.