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So yes, I'm still blown away by that. But no, I haven't met him. Explain the story behind "Blame. You know, there's a reason for everything, and that song is just about But you know, somebody's responsible. So yeah, that's how it came out. Pretty much me expressing those feelings of how that came to be. But a lot of women tell me that they can relate.

So I'm hoping it's very relatable. I just told my own personal experience and I think a lot of people have gone through it. So tell me more about your journey to this point in your career. I had moved to Atlanta in , to pursue music. Things didn't go the way I intended. Well, it did, I can't say it didn't. But it took a turn for the worst before it got better. I was actually homeless in Atlanta for maybe two or three months and at the end of the third month, I met my manager through a mutual friend at the studio.

And he was like, "Well, OK, then prove it," and I rapped. Because I didn't even sing at first, I was just a rapper. So I rapped then, and my manager heard me and said alright I'll sign you. And the very next day I was with him non-stop. We started on the journey together and a few months later in November, I put out the first mixtape I had done in my life.

Through working with him, he encouraged me to sing. And on the mixtape, you got both the rapping and the singing. And singing is really new for me, I'm just now getting my feet wet in it. But it was amazing because the single came from that mixtape. He took me and introduced me to L. Reid in January. The mixtape came out in November.

He heard the mixtape. He thought it was incredible. Very classic producer. We knew what kind of sound we wanted to bring forth, and Jerry is like family. So I went in with him and we really like tackled the project and Rodney Jackson has also been working on it with us like non-stop.

We got some really classic dope features. Of course Nas is on the first single. And we have a track with R. We're working on another single that I'm hoping Miguel will be on. I think that will be dope and I think that will be a nice collab to have. But I think it's going to be really surprising when people hear the features. Why will it be surprising?

Well, surprising because I'm young. I'm only My parents are And my older brother is 13 years older than me. And I think we did a good job of capturing that.

People will be surprised to hear it from a new artist and a young one on top of that, so I'm excited to see how people are going to respond to it. And as far as sound, how to you plan to be different? At the same time, my parents were older so I grew up listening to really old classics like Al Green and Minnie Riperton and so much old music so I have a good kind of mixing pot of music to pull from. In my music, I think you hear traces of all of that. I have a children.

I'm a mother at the same time. I have all these different aspects so I want to make sure that all these different traces of those things are in the music because there are a wide range of people that need something to relate to. So it's not just year-old party girl. I'm a year-old party girl, I'm a single mom, I'm all of those things. How is it being a mom and pursuing this big dream? I would be lying if I said it was easy. But it is a sacrifice that is very rewarding.

And a lot of people say that it pays off in the end, but I have to say that it pays off immediately for me because there's those different times I'm away from them a long time and I feel like I'm doing what I should be doing as a mother and when I get those moments and I come home and I see how proud they are and the way that they see things so much more differently then I did.

At their age, in my mind, it was impossible for me to be on TV to be doing those things. That was just a whole different world. But for them it just brings it so much more closer and they say, "That's my mom! When can we expect the album and title? We're aiming for either late October or February and I haven't gotten a title yet.

I've been thinking about it, I've been running through some names but we haven't settled on one yet. It'll be something really deep and profound. On your mixtape, The Coldest Winter Ever, you mentioned that a lot of music that's being pushed out now isn't relatable. What topics are you trying to cover on your album that you don't see out there now? Well, it's just very raw and real. It's just hard for me to describe.

Like the subject matter, I wanna say every song kind of has the same subject matter about love and kind of accepting ourselves for who we are and how they happen. But I really tried to be as genuine and open as possible on the album with my own story.

Because The Coldest Winter Ever was basically my story of moving to Atlanta and what happened, those events, so I really wanted the album to pick up back on where I am emotionally now and mentally throughout the progress of everything and sharing it in my music and I think it's going to come off real. And as far as influences, who do you look to for inspiration? I listen to that all day.

Van Hunt. You won't break my soul You won't break my soul You won't break my soul You won't break my soul I'm tellin' everybody Everybod Ruth Koleva - Moving On I'm somewhere in between the lines I've never ever felt so small Us to play hide and seek, then you run and hide We've been doing this for too long Give me your love You've been giving me love Give me good love Why you do this?

Keeping it on, keeping in it up keeping it run, cause I'm foolish Lift Irina Rimes - Nu Stiu Posibil sa te fi sunat ieri noapte la trei Probabil nu m-am gandit, era foarte tarziu Posibil sa fi fost o clipa-necata in slabiciuni Posibil probabil nici nu mai stiu Dar spune-mi de ce vezi sfarsitul?

Cand tu spui ca suntem bine-amandoi? Si ploaia cum plange la geam, Nu-i deloc despre noi Ma TANK ft J. Can I drown in it too? Baby [Chorus: Tank] When I go deep DJ Project feat. Ana Baniciu - Iubirea Mea M-ai lasat s-aleg printre stele cazatoare Un nor sa stam in el N-am ajuns acolo, n-ai avut rabdare Si-ai sarit din el Hai spune-mi ca nu te pierd si c-o sa mai vorbim vreodata Dar ploile se grabesc sa stearga ce-a ramas din noi Iubirea mea era mai mult decat puteai tu accepta Si-acum lasa-ma sa c Uh Uh Okay Uh Yeah We're gonna win, we got the heart, we got the spirit We're gonna shout and everyone's gonna hear it We're gonna shine, we're gonna outshine them rest Oh, yeah Uh We'll take on the world and we won't stop until we own it Voltaj - Cei mai buni ani Cei mai buni ani Cei mai buni ani Cei mai buni Cati ani aveai prima oara cand te-ai indragostit?

Cat a trecut pana te-a parasit? Si cat ai suferit? Cei mai buni ani Cati ani aveai cand un pahar te punea in cap? Cand prietenii-acasa te-au carat? Doar tata te-a iertat?

Cei mai buni ani Rise Against - Last Man Standing Wait, there's something I forgot to say There's something always in the way It hovers like a cloud And I can't see your eyes, your face There's a road that I am staring at A foot on both the brake and gas and I don't know how to leave or how to stay Oh oh oh oh Standing in the crossfire next to Tu vezi lacrimi si durere, Eu lumina, cer senin Tu imi sui ca eu sunt slaba Si m-alungi, iar eu revin.

Four Tet is back now with new music! Check back soon for the Lyrics. Emilian feat. Connect-R - UNA [versuri si videoclip oficial] Baby, e limpede n-au ce tu ai Ele n-au ce tu ai Ma tii la sol, stii sa ma duci si high Chiar pana la rai Ce mare-i norocul, ooh Ca mi-am gasit locul, oh lord Stii ca mor de focul tau Cand imi faci pe plac. Senzuala ca-n Hawaii Fierbinte ca-n Dubai Doam Bere Gratis feat.