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Another First Kiss

And that definitely causes some tension between Jules and Cal. Who are you supposed to be? What is your pride, your duty, your honor? Tradition is comfortable.

But, sometimes, traditions have got to die. I wonder if fantasizing alone can short circuit my brain into releasing the same tantalizing amounts of dopamine and serotonin as kissing itself. Those kinds of exciting first kisses would sometimes spin me out of the moment and into dissociative fretting about where this kiss is leading.

I imagine that some non-corny romantic music is playing at a subdued volume, as someone holds my round little face in their hands and kisses the living daylights out of me. A former beauty editor and now a freelance narcissist, you can find her work on Allure, GQ, Vogue Teen and regular , Nylon, New York Magazine, Man Repeller obviously , and sometimes the packaging of beauty products.

Like every millennial writer who came of age in the era of analog feelings, she has a newsletter. Hanna It is brief, and tender, and sweet, especially considering that she is an assassin trained from birth to kill who had just floored the man who tried to kiss her. In It Bill and Beverly had their first kiss during the school play, Beverly still remembers it fondly.

She almost got to kiss a boy she knew in school, but he lost interest in her once she learned she was autistic. In Jumanji the protagonists are transitioning through time travel from adults back to being kids again and the boy says he wants to kiss the girl while they still remember what it's all about, though judging from the later look from the boy's father, they've already reached that stage.

In Kick-Ass 2 , Mindy's first kiss is with Dave, at the end of the film. At the end of Man of Steel , Lois and Superman share their first kiss, after which Lois says the near-nonsensical line "they say it's downhill after the first kiss. Both because he loved her and to daze her into no longer wanting to fight. As if to spite him, Tony and Pepper are more practiced at kissing by the time of The Avengers Thor first kisses Jane on the hand twice, with Jane pulling him in for an actual first kiss at the end of the movie.

In the sequel , he properly has his first kiss with MJ after the day's been saved and they reunite on the Tower Bridge in London.

As befitting a pair of socially awkward teenagers, it doesn't have the glamour of some of the others on this list; it's just a few quick, clumsy, but charming pecks before they officially begin dating. It doesn't go very well, with Molly basically licking Sam's face until he pushes her away because he isn't ready.

They agree to try again later, when they have a better handle on things. My Girl : Vada and Thomas J. It was also the first onscreen kiss for Macaulay Culkin. Never Been Kissed revolves around a year-old journalist who has never been kissed. At the end of the film, she finally gets her first kiss in front of a live stadium. While watching a movie she asks him for a kiss. Sam, thinking that as a socially awkward teen this is his only chance at a first kiss, he holds her closer and passionately kisses her for about 7 seconds before she bites his tongue.

She promptly says sorry saying that was her first kiss as well and she wasn't expecting it to be so A jock two seats away voices his approval to Sam "Woof. Down boy. The Spider-Man film, the famous upside-down in the rain first kiss between Peter Parker and his lifelong sweetheart Mary-Jane Watson. After being saved twice by the hero, MJ rewarded him with a long and passionate kiss. MJ did not know this was actually her first kiss with Peter, not knowing he was Spider-Man — until she realized it retroactively in the sequel.

It makes what happens to them later all the more heartbreaking. We're the Millers : Kenny admits that he never kissed a girl before, so he is a given Practice Kisses from his "mother" and "sister".

Literature The Amber Spyglass gives a slow, tense, and sensuous build-up to Will and Lyra's first, awkward, passionate kiss. It was a pretty powerful one, too. In short, their kiss saved the multiverse. It's never actually stated what happens in that moment, which leads fans to think something else happened.

Word of God , when asked, stated, "I didn't look and neither should you". In Artemis Fowl 's sixth book, this happens to Artemis and Holly, after the former had almost died and was rescued by the latter. Cue squeals from supporters. A particularly heartbreaking example comes from The Book Thief.

There's a running gag throughout the book in which Rudy keeps trying to get his childhood friend Liesel to kiss him. She finally does, but only after he's been killed in an allied bombing raid. In Edgar Rice Burroughs 's Chessmen of Mars , this happens right after Tara's profession of love to Turan, and right before her begging him not lead her into dishonor: she's betrothed to another man.

Lampshaded in The Diary of a Young Girl when Anne Frank notes the date of her first kiss from the boy she's infatuated with in her diary. Domina : Laura steals Derek's first kiss, mostly to keep the other girls from fighting over it. In Gene Stratton-Porter 's Freckles , Angel gives this to Freckles, not even realizing the significance of what she did.

Freckles did realize. Harry Potter , dealing as it does with seven years over the course of some teenagers' lives, shows various first kisses in all their awkwardness and complete lack of glamour , no doubt to the rage of many Shippers.

It is said that Hermione's first kiss "snog," as Ginny put it was with Viktor Krum a fellow who seems a perfect gentleman , off-page in Goblet of Fire. Oh, so victorious. Harry's first kiss also happens almost off-page in Order of the Phoenix. He describes it as "wet", but more because his partner then was crying. He's in complete shock for the rest of the night and doesn't seem to have actually liked it.

It's his second kiss that he ends up actually enjoying, and it's not with Cho, but with Ginny. When Katniss kisses Peeta in the cave during The Hunger Games she notes that since this is the first time she's ever kissed a boy it probably ought to be a significant moment.

Instead, it's a stunt she pulls on live television to try and save both their lives, and the only thing she feels is that he's clearly got a fever. Manifestation : The main protagonist's first kiss happens near the beginning of the book. In Memoirs of a Geisha , Sayuri mentioned how her kiss with the Chairman was her first real kiss, despite being with other men who kissed her Anywhere but Their Lips.

In John C. Wright 's The Orphans of Chaos , the entire matter of first kisses is fraught — especially with the Laser-Guided Amnesia that is repeatedly inflicted on the main characters, so that some of them have several first kisses. Percy and Annabeth's first kiss happens in Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Battle of the Labyrinth when Percy was going to battle telekhines and he was in Calypso's island for two weeks after. The fans are still squeeing to this day. The Phantom of the Opera , Erik the titular Phantom for the first time in his life kissed a woman when Christine let him kiss her forehead in spite of his hideous appearance.

It was still enough to kill poor Erik who was overcome with happiness and dying because of it. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero Lost , Miranda remembers how Ferdinard snatched a first kiss on the sea journey back home.

Seen in Garth Nix 's Sabriel when Touchstone and Sabriel begin to fall under the influence of the bell Astarael, which kills all who hear it , Sabriel exhorts Touchstone to "Think of life!