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Cuddington turned to a branch of math called combinatorics, the most famous example of which is the birthday problem — how many people do you need before you have two people with the same birthday the answer is Cuddington shows landmarking works the same way: What is the probability of a male finding a female at a fixed number of sites? The more prominent and rare the location is, the greater the chance a male will meet a female. Only 10 Asian carp needed to establish population in Great Lakes This highly efficient mate-finding strategy allows species to reproduce even when population densities are impossibly low.

Read about how plein-air drawing is gaining a strong following in urban societies worldwide in an age when instant photo feeds prevail.

Find out how it compares to the true identity of what could be the most celebrated yet misunderstood treatise on sex. Indonesian politics also kicks off another fascinating tale: how five Southeast Asian men managed to create the first Asian miracle of the 20th century: the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Helped by a few rounds of golf and drinks, these powerful diplomats succeeded in getting their respective countries — many with histories of bitter grudges and border invasions — to team up into a bloc that today still merits international admiration.

Their surviving family and friends share memories of these master negotiators. Are you ready to get up to speed? We pay homage to the enduring art of the longevity noodle — handmade and visually evocative. Asian Geographic Special Edition In this special Expeditions issue of Asian Geographic, we take a look at some of the most awe-inspiring expeditions and exploration missions across the continent.

Journey to a remote part of northern Siberia, where the greatest concentration of mammoth tusks is concentrated. In this tough, icy terrain, palaeontologists and ivory hunters are vying for these valuable remains.

Explore the past years of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which covers vast swaths of terrain across the continent. Find out more about the Asian space race, and the technological advances being made to harness resources outside our atmosphere. We profile several activists who are using their respective expeditions to improve environmental awareness, and feature the stunning photographs of Michael Yamashita, who has documented the legacies of explorers such as Marco Polo and Zheng He.

Politically, contemporary Asia is something of a crucible. We have mapped out the political systems of Asian countries, examining the political balance of countries in a series of infographics. She scrounged up what little resources she had, put herself out there in the scene and hoped for the best with only her camera and instinct for capturing stylish folks. Now, she has published books, worked on major fashion editorials, won awards and has exhibited worldwide with a body of work that reveals the human condition through sensitivity and a quiet intensity often accented by a glimmer of pure joy.

Her images are uncluttered and bring out the natural beauty of her subjects, reflecting the fleeting moments in her youth. That inspired me. I wanted to collaborate with people who know Asian beauty best.