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This one-day workshop will help couples build a marriage that will have the foundation to last a lifetime. Each workshop is offered at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

Beginning in September, and offered three times per year, this 4-week program will be available to any couple preparing for marriage. Through presentations by witness couples and in-class and at-home couple exercises, weekly evening sessions will emphasize communication, intimacy, commitment, discernment, and values, as well as tools, rituals, and practices that will aid couples in their marriage together.

Also referred to as First Confession, preparation for this sacrament is through the Parish School of Religion. Marriage Marriage is a sacramental union between man and woman, uniting them for lifelong partnership that seeks the sanctity of each, and is focused on the nurturing of children, who are a gift from God. Marriage arrangements must be made at least six months in advance to begin sacramental preparation.

One of the parties must be a practicing Catholic and a registered participating member of All Saints. Please contact one of the parish priests or deacons to schedule your date. If you are not a parishioner here and have questions about having a wedding at All Saints, contact Laura Leach, l. Holy Orders Holy Orders is the gift of service to the Church that some men are called to.

You have brought me to tears. I prayed for help. I did everything I could think of to dodge this nightmare. And God sent me you and your team of Angels. You have taken the time to help me walk through this.