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Baby Come Kiss Me Quick

How many rooms were on this ship? How many blissfully married couples inhabiting them, discussing intestinally beneficial smoothies while gazing longingly at one another? The sooner she found any of those bars the better. But first she needed to find her room. Eeny meeny miny. Cold fingers curled around the handle of her small suitcase JJ began the interminable walk down the hall.

Couple after couple sauntered happily by. Holding hands. Making one another laugh. Staring at her open-mouthed. Collecting stares and whispers like normal holidaymakers collect postcards, JJ felt like a sideshow attraction.

Stuff the bars. If she ever found her room she was staying put. Picking up the pace, the tips of her heels catching on the acid-red carpet, when she reached the end of the hall, her nerves were twanging hard enough she could hear them. JJ pried her eyes open to find herself looking at. To call him a man felt like an understatement.

The guy had to be part mountain. Needless to say she felt anything but ambivalent. For not only was he a sight to behold, the guy had also been born the same century as she. A small, clear voice in the back of her hear insisted that fun be moved right back to the top of the to-do list. Close enough she could count his lashes β€” a million at least. Caught his scent β€” clean, drinkable.

Saw the crease at the corner of his mouth twitch as if he knew exactly what was going on his in her head and he was about to smile. JJ blinked. Then, not knowing where to look, looked down. Which was when she noticed the purple polo and beige cargo shorts. Mountain Man was not a passengerβ€”he was staff. Meaning no chance of fun there after all. It was all JJ could do not to sob.

Everything was not okay. But JJ had moved out of home at sixteen, been married and divorced by eighteen, then had moved from her tiny town to the big smoke and forged a life for herself from nothing. Asking for help was not her forte. The scrape of calluses against her palm left a delicious tingle in its wake. It was all she could do not to wipe her palm down her side in order to make it go away. As if he needed to say anything at all. The man could just stand there and most women would smile and nod.

She shook her head. Maybe a notch above asking for help and navel gazing. Then again. A girl of no singular talent, the Dainty Hill sixth grade teacher had called JJ in front of her entire class of eight kids. No wonder JJ had decided then and there that was the boy she was going to marry.

And that included having to recently tell her boss that do you want me to call someone to fix the photocopier was not a euphemism for please fondle my backside. Physio Bocce. The new nurse? JJ opened her mouth to ask why. Nathan Sykes hints that most of the women he met declined to stay with him. Nathan Sykes wonders if a new person he has met will accept to fall in love with him.

Nathan Sykes expresses optimism in getting this woman for himself. Nathan Sykes implores this woman to go on and fall in love with him. Nathan Sykes in these lines hints at making love with this woman. Nathan Sykes wants this woman to get intimate with him. Magic in this case hints at strong sexual feelings. Nathan Sykes means that he is there to satisfy this woman.