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Baby I Am In Love With You

One of the most gifted and idiosyncratic songwriters of the decade, D'Angelo's neo soul opus Brown Sugar is filled with inimitable love songs delivered in his signature falsetto. The title track is a masterpiece, with swinging drums and swaggering come-ons from D'Angelo. There's the ooey gooey saxophone line at the beginning, a reggae dub rhythm guitar, and a little flute lick on the hook, all of which come together for a sweet and distinctly Gen X love song.

It gets overshadowed by "My Heart Will Go On," but it's still a sweeping ode to submitting to your feelings and letting them lead the way. A killer saxophone riff on the bridge cements the status of "I Swear" as a '90s slow jam staple. Michelle Branch crafted what is one of the most simple and iconic hooks of any pop song, all in the name of love.

Running through a list of what would be otherwise trite offerings, The Four Tops lay out a convincingly sweet ode to the woman of their dreams. Claiming life is obsolete until a soulmate strolls in is a theory that rides the fine line of chaotic good. Yet, Bright Eyes makes it sound so sweet. This is an extraterrestrial-esque love song for the ages—an acceptance of a potential end, and an acknowledgement of a potential future.

A heartbreaking ode to the end of an incomparable relationship. Stephen Marley This content is imported from YouTube. But just as much attention should be given to the track itself—a burning, impactful offering from the neo-soul king himself. Kanye West This content is imported from YouTube.

The Jagged Edge boys make the ultimate anti-fear-of-commitment anthem. Clipse This content is imported from YouTube. As Aretha Franklin goes about her day, she mentally pauses to send a little telepathic love to her man, hoping he hears it and gives her a little something back.

Jay-Z This content is imported from YouTube. Ashanti This content is imported from YouTube.