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Baby Im Falling Head Over Heels

Without letting him know, book a table at a fancy restaurant and make a request to the head waiter to have a bottle of champagne, candles and fragrant flowers waiting. This will set the mood for bedroom business later! If you have children, hire a babysitter for a few hours or ask your parents or a sibling to watch them for the night.

Turn up the heat Remember the days when you wore sexy lingerie to entice your man? Guide him into the shower or give each other a sensual massage. Getting physical can help you bond better and fall deeper in love with each other. Speak to one another Have you reached a stage where you barely talk to each other? The simple act of talking is sometimes lost in the chaos of work and family life but this is one of the best ways to fall in love with your husband again. Ask him about his day at work and talk about your day and how you spent it.

Talk to him about the kids, funny incidents that happened and any worries you may be shouldering. A vacation is a great way to keep your husband happy. Constant worries about bill payments, targets at work and helping children with their school projects can leave little time to spend with your husband. That movie shows me the mirror.

He: And why are you uncomfortable seeing yourself? You know the way you are is what makes you special. You being a free spirited soul and a loving heart is what makes you who you are - one of a kind. And your tattoos well each one is so uniquely hot. She Grins : I don't know. I'll tell you a fact? I have never reflected my past to myself. Nor tried to build a future. I have been a very right now person. Even in mountains and seas, I go silent calm still.

My mind is just empty trying to fill nature inside me I have never thought what I have done till now Or what I will be doing. Hard to believe but true He: Well that hasn't done you any harm. You are the perfect example of how a soul should be right now. I have been mostly a past person which is why I can't do much of my present or future. Being right now is the best as there is always a right now.