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Bad Profile Pics

But this one even goes a level beyond. A poor background of a swimming pool. Why would he be at a pool during winter? An overall boring picture without anything attention catching. This guy could easily have a good body but none of that is being showcased either. He looks like it was his first ski lesson.

Lighting matters a lot in a good picture since the attention should not be taken away from the prize, YOU! You can stand out with either good fashion or just having a better contrast.

On top of that, he has an awkward facial expression which comes across overly dorky and timid. Overall, it was a poor choice to use this picture. If this photo were showing him skiing on some really obviously very challenging terrain, and without the awkward facial expression and pose, it might be good.

This immediately instills some creepiness to the picture. If fishing was truly a passion of his, he could have had a better pose. You want her visualizing in her mind what it might be like to be a part of your life. He also missed out on a huge opportunity here! At the beginning, I mentioned your goal should always be to make yourself look more attractive in your dating app pics than you are in real life.

This is a prime example of how low quality pictures can really mess with your perceived attractiveness online. The timing of the picture is also bad since the cat seems like he wants to get rid of the guy and run away.

The background in the picture is just… weird. Not to mention the container which can easily be mistaken for lube. Along with faded furniture, the quality of the picture is overall too grainy. If your pet is of a dark color, make sure your attire goes well with it and at least the pet can be seen. Apart from that, his fashion is pretty average with a basic t-shirt and jeans. He sits awkwardly on the couch as the angle in which the photographer takes the picture makes him look shorter overall.

Notice that he actually has decently acceptable fashion here, but the lighting, gloomy couch, and no point just ruin the picture. With your friends or alone. He has tattoos, which add to his attractiveness since it adds a riskier look.

When editing a Tinder picture, you have to make sure it improves the quality rather than taking away from it. His hat could have been a darker color to have better contrast with the wall behind him and his fashion could have been a bit more styled. The Group Selfie Takeaway: A. His buddies are smiling while he seems the calmest among the three. The background could easily be perceived as a shipyard or something. With the overwhelming plethora of applications and photographs , men and women have to siphon through at any given time it is particularly difficult to make a solid impression.

It's okay to like things that other girls like, because others girls are awesome. But ladies, if you're interested in seeing how men view it as if their opinion matters we teamed up with dating blog The Single Society and interviewed a pool of guys to find out what pictures drive men crazy and not in a good way when searching for love on the interwebs. Duck face selfies The epidemic that is the 'duck face' has unfortunately taken over the planet.

Girls think they appear to be playful and sexy, but in reality, it comes off as slightly desperate and attention-seeking. A nice smile is the perfect alternative to an idiotic or angry-looking kissy face! Advertisement Yoga poses in front of a view where you are too far away Oh, you do yoga?

Put it in your interests, and replace this with a clear and recent picture in which someone can actually see what you look like. A bad profile picture is one that does not portray you in a way that positively sells you as a professional. You see, LinkedIn is a professional network. Let me give an example. The Bad Lighting Profile Picture Proper lighting makes a huge amount of difference when taking a photo.

Now I am not a photography expert, but you want the lighting to enhance the picture and not detract from it. In the sample picture, the subject is washed out - something I see a lot on LinkedIn.

You want to take the picture in soft light. A professional taking your headshot will make sure the lighting is correct. If you are having a friend take your picture, make sure that you have a broad light source that will fill in the shadows. You may need to move lamps around and bring them closer to you so that you can create a broad light source.

If you are taking a picture outside, try to do so on a cloudy day when there is no direct sunlight. Here is an article on Popular Photography about lighting that may prove helpful.

Head Cut Off This photo gets many things right - a smile on the face and looking at the camera. What is wrong is the cropping of the photo. The top of her head is missing. It looks odd. It makes you wonder what the top of her head looks like.

Also, you want to look at her eyes, but they are at the top of the picture, making you forget the rest of the photo. Crop your photo so that all of your head is in the picture. Busy Background All eyes should be on you and not what is going on in the background. Here, something is going on in the background, and we cannot help but look there to try to figure it out.