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Leaving an angry message for his uncle, he refuses to bail out his mother when she insists he scale back his business to save hers. She storms out of the bedroom. Left alone, Bill then heads to Margie's. Spotting them from her house, Nicki is completely scandalized when she witnesses Bill and Margie engaging in oral sex. Resigned, Lois spills the beans - Bill has all the money. When Barb walks in, Margie turns to her for support. Instead, Barb is annoyed she didn't refuse Bill's advances.

Barb tells them they need to maintain a united front if they're to win the battle against Bill's night off. Margie calls in to let Bill know they've been instructed to give him the cold shoulder.

And then, to his obvious discomfort, she asks him why he doesn't please Nicki. A disgusted Bill has security evict Frank. Don fears Frank has put the pieces together - the gaming company Bill bought and the one that Roman pursued are one and the same.

At last, Bill concludes it's time to sever his ties with the Greens. He mentions the irrigation company will be their next target, and Roman promises to handle it. When Margie joins them, she tries to act cold towards Bill, but Barb tells her that Bill has already sold her out. Margie points out that it would be inevitable with a fourth wife, a notion which stuns Barb.

Unrelenting, Bill continues to insist on a scheduled night off, a demand that upsets Margie, who expected to be exempted. With all three wives glaring at him again, Bill seeks sanctuary in the basement.

Barb forbids the others from visiting. Threatening him with justice, the Greens demand Bill submit all his business interests within 24 hours. Stepping in, Don calls lawyer Lee Hatcher. When Eddie arrives at Home Plus, Bill tells him to leave Utah - he'll get his money back when the deal is done, but without interest.

But when Ben breaks the news to his parents, they refuse to offer their support, stressing that he is much too young to be partnered for life. Benny is sent to his room and an astonished Barbara blames Bill and his inattention. You don't have to take it out on Barb and Margie. Nicki swats him away, explaining face to face is what she likes. Anything else and he feels too far away. You really need to be on board. Hollis swears vengeance, but because the ATF discovered their weapons cache, Lee predicts they will be away for a while.

Taking a heart-broken Ben into his confidence, Bill tells him that he's about to purchase a company that will let him live with his head raised and that, for now, this is not to be shared with Barb. Rift repaired, Bill confers priesthood status onto his eldest son. In another part of the city, Hollis' henchwomen approach Roman and shoot him, as Adaleen and Alby rush to his side. Shut out by her family, it's her only source of information.

Keith Olberman reports that the Greens are on the run in Mexico, although their henchwomen are in custody. Before leaving, Bill mentions to Nicki that he's interested in a company, but it involves gambling.

Nicki tells him she's on board for whatever he thinks is best. When Bill worries that the others might not react so kindly, Nicki offers to work on Barb and Margene. Lois calls to say Frank has cleaned her out--literally. Her house is empty, save for the chair she's sitting on. Barb demurs that video games are violent, so Bill carefully clarifies-- the machines play poker.

Unaware of the major details, Barb tells him she looks forward to hearing more. Feverish, bleeding and hallucinating, Roman has gone back into surgery. When Alby arrives, she turns to him for support, but he rushes out when he learns Bill has convened a meeting to select an interim replacement. In the boardroom, Bill argues for an independent outside replacement, but the counsel is skeptical.

Alby barges in, but Bill won't let him participate in the closed session. Because Benny is standing nearby, she's not as anxious as Greg is to reminisce and hurries off. Benny tells Greg Margie was his babysitter. Bill says that Nicki being on board made him happy, so Margie is content to follow suit. Handing off her fur-collared coat, Lois apologizes that she has nothing else to leave her. Sarah suggests her grandmother talk to Bill about her troubles, but Lois feigns innocence and wails she has been cast aside for reasons unknown.

As she frets, Scott advises she sue her husband for support since she's entitled to community property. The wheels begin turning in Lois' head. He orders Ben to apologize. Pressing on, Barb realizes Bill has already bought the company and the conversations they're having are meaningless. Margie feels duped as well, and in the end, only Nicki advocates Bill's position.

Sarah reveals that Scott is 28 and they met at a meeting for ex-Mormons. Barb is thrown, even more so when Sarah remarks that their lives aren't much different from those on the compound--suggesting Barb is also settling for less. Alarmed, Barb asks her point blank if she's having sex and Sarah says no. Since Bill will be returning to the compound for a board meeting, he promises to talk to the cops.

Joey wonders about Bill's sudden interest in the board's well being, but Bill claims he has nothing but good intentions. When Joey asks if he's feeling guilty, Bill assures him he played no part in Roman's shooting. After her apology is accepted, Barb adds that Nicki deserves more from her parents. Margie enters, torn about whose side to take. Nicki takes over a bingo game for a woman in need of the bathroom--and wins in her place.

Margie is also enchanted, but Barb continues to disapprove. Bill emphasizes that the deal is an insurance policy in an uncertain time, but Barb rejects his logic and demands a family vote the following night. Bill prepares to go to Juniper Creek, apprehensive about the tithes that have gone undeposited and Alby's presence.

Trying hard not to make eye contact, she leaves quickly. Catching Ben's eye, Greg makes a lewd gesture. At home and still upset, Margie complains to Barb about being banned from the store, and Barb takes advantage. Denouncing it as yet another example of patriarchy, she sways Margie to rethink her position on the gaming deal.

She offers to be an extra set of eyes in return for a chance to see her father. When Alby mentions a testimony meeting at 2 p. His brother reveals Kathy moved in the day before on a trial basis. Joey asks Bill about Nicki--how he knew the difference between love and gratitude?

She assures him they want the same thing for their girls: a strong marriage to an LDS priesthood holder. Listing all of Frank's business assets, none of which Bill knew about, she accuses them of being in cahoots.

Adaleen joins in with supporting testimony-- Roman's face morphed into Alby's and then Joseph Smith's. Her words are quickly seconded. As Alby humbly accepts his new position, he exchanges a stony glare with Bill. When she finds a box filled with cash, she helps herself to it. As expected, Barb is a no, Nicki a yes. When it's Margie's turn, she agrees that it's about the children Barb looks utterly defeated. Bill calls Don to have Greg transferred to the other store. Convinced that someone broke in during the testimony meeting, Alby demands the sign-in sheets for the day.

The hospital calls during their search-Roman is talking and feeling better. Armed with mail order catalogs, Nicki mentions she's having a few things sent to Wanda's address-items Bill thought they needed, but she doesn't want Barb and Margie to feel jealous. Just then, she spots Benny climbing back over the fence, in violation of his curfew.

But you're so ashamed of yourself, you can't handle it. Plural wives, plural mothers. As Margie coos over the spa menu, Bill asks Barb to join him at the bar owner's convention so they can meet Weber's gaming clients. Eager to make up for their honeymoon that got cut short, Margie suggests she go instead, and Bill agrees.

Nicki insists the ceremony is too important for the dingy compound and offers to host it at a restaurant, her treat. Kathy tells Joey Wanda hasn't slept in days. He asks her to keep that to herself and let everyone think Wanda's fine. I knew women like you on the compound. Even if it's not true, most people will believe it.

She retaliates by serving him with divorce papers. Lura is a registered nurse, but Roman's doctor advises against the move. Alby won't take no for an answer. Having already ordered a band, a chocolate fountain, and a marquee declaring her hostess, a defiant Nicki insists that she can do as she pleases.

But Alby, who considers the union unsanctioned, tells her it's within his authority to shut it down. The restaurant will refuse them; her ice sculptures are already melting in the parking lot. Back upstairs in their honeymoon suite with Margie dissolving into tears, Bill calls Barb and asks her to come. Margie is inconsolable, even more so when she learns she won't be having dinner as Bill's wife.

When Nicki gets the update, she's livid that Barb has surrendered, particularly after Bill passed over the two of them to take Margie. Once Barb leaves, Nicki changes the location of Wanda's party to her house.

But Margie blames Barb for deliberately cutting short her honeymoon because Teenie had a fever. You're the one going. Even Adaleen is barred from entry, but when she spots Lura coming out of the room, she grows suspicious. Alby heads out to meet with Frank. Sweetening him with compliments, Frank condemns his sons as dangers to Alby's authority. When Heather tries to stop Sarah from participating, Rhonda blocks Heather's path and threatens her again.

Dressed to kill, Margie passes by in the company of the Weber clients Bill was playing cards with, piercing the room with her laughter. Benny meets a flirty pair of twins- his soon to be aunts. The mood is spoiled when Alby shows up to tell Nicki that Kathy's been spoken for. Realizing he has stumbled on to something even bigger, a pleased Alby heads out.

Tuttle on the other side of the studio. On the compound, Lura adds a large dose of morphine into Roman's IV. Recovering quickly, she tells a curious Nicki she's reading about an old sorority sister. Bill enters and confronts Nicki about the party she hosted for Kathy. Nicki, confident she handled the situation correctly, tells Bill not to worry: Alby was looking for Kathy. When Barb indicates she hasn't and won't leave Bill- Nancy tries to hustle back inside.

Unwilling to take no, Barb asks her mother to think of her children. When Cindy comes out, Barb heads home. Alby, making no promises, says he'll consider it.

Confiding in his son, he tells Ben he introduced Margie and Barb both as his wives at Wendover. Bill decides then to include Weber folk at his Pioneer party and calls Barb to invite them. No fan of that crowd, Barb resists. She floors Barb when she mentions Margie is a surrogate mother. He'll believe it because you're greedy and amoral. Not every barren Sue, Jane and Sally on the block.

Ben introduces the twins as his girlfriends. When she tells Nancy Benny thinks he wants to be a polygamist, the two come to a compromise: the kids will attend her wedding. Spotting a can of cleaning powder, she steals a glance at Kathy.

At that moment, Joey bursts in and tells them they need to run; Alby is en route. Wanda begins to shriek that Alby is after her, but Joey corrects her- he wants Kathy. You're one of three now. We've got to unload it or we're all doomed. When he downplays it, she opts not to tell him about her plans for Ben. As the two sit next to each other glumly, Sarah leans in for a kiss. Things start veering toward the unknown before Sarah stops short.

It can work. Spotting it, Ben catches on. Nancy comes out to greet them, but she's confused by Barb's presence-it was the children she wanted there, not Barb. Cindy explains that Barb cannot attend; Ned's kids don't even approve of their mother. Despite it all, Barb refuses to leave.

Ben calls his father to tell him Barb is sending him away. Already in the car with Margene, Bill makes a detour. To Cindy's amusement, he tells everyone he's dating twins. You're my daughter.

I'm responsible for your eternal salvation. Barb retaliates by asking if he stole Weber. Stop torturing your mother. Worried, Bill calls Alby, who insists he's innocent. Belatedly remembering he's left Margie in the car, Bill hurries out to her. But his explanation of the situation isn't good enough for the already seething Margie. Vengeance will rain down on this family. But Margie is still having a fit about being abandoned again for a Barb emergency. Attempting now to cheer up his daughter, the two share a dance.

Sarah spurns the offer, telling him he lacks credibility when it comes to relationships or life. Bill is stung, but the two put on a happy face for Barb. Accusations fly; they are creating a massive scene. Nicki reproaches Barb for abandoning them again, while Margie accuses her of being melodramatic out of jealousy over their dinner with Larry. When Bill joins the fray, Margie slams him for always choosing Barb first; Nicki asks him if he's responsible for her father's shooting.

Cindy's demands that they leave are ignored and the fighting continues until Nancy comes out. His audience responds sympathetically so Bill advocates a course of action-remove Alby from power and reclaim his assets. We don't know what's going to happen to us. People are afraid. Still worried about her father's failing health, and the sudden arrival of Joey's family, Nicki loses her patience and snaps at her. As Alby and Lura approach, Adaleen dashes into the closet.

From there, she watches Lura administer drugs into the IV. When the pair leaves, Adaleen checks the vial. Desperate, Pam begins weeping on the sidewalk; Carl will leave her unless she has a family for him in heaven. Thrown, Margie impulsively agrees to have the baby. I hated not telling you. Hyperventilating from the shock, she bolts. Agent Connolly suspects a vendetta, but Bill assures her his story is legit and hands her a list of UEB members who'll back it up.

He's got to respect you. Ana tells her it's too late-she's dating someone else. Margie tries to justify her actions: she so wanted her as a sister and a friend. Ana agrees that the other sister-wives are bossy and the two reconcile. I had to honor my husband. Diagnosing Roman as malnourished and dehydrated, he also informs them that the sedative Lura used has strict veterinary purposes. Still reeling from the snakes in her bed, Barb advocates taking Roman to the hospital, but Nicki and Margie disagree.

As the wives tangle, the doctor takes Bill aside and tells him that Roman would be better off in a hospital. You and your brother would have been sent up to the river if it wasn't for me. He instructs them to keep Roman's whereabouts a secret for everyone's safety. With the wives around her, Margie begins speaking about needing a calling and how surrogacy would fulfill that. When Barb interjects that their husband might not agree, Margie tells Ana their husband's name is Bill.

The two share a giggle that confounds Barb. Joey tells him to reconsider: Alby has already declared an emergency and filed a missing person's report for Roman. They beam with pride and thank the crowd for their prayers. An aide tells Alby that Adaleen is still missing-and that Bill Henrickson has been voted in as trustee. In the kitchen, he surprises Teenie, who sprints away. By the time Bill gets home, Roman is back in bed, demanding to return home.

He tried to kill you How it must hurt to have your own son turn against you. Overhearing, Barb tells Lois that Bill wants to be free of it. You can't just choose your destiny. Livid, she demands Bill punish Sarah and ban Heather. When she pushes to return Roman to the compound, Bill breaks the news to Nicki: he's not going back; the Grants are finished. He's not worthy of it. She casually asks him about Ana. The time won't ever be right.

I'm telling you right now. Furthermore her scheming about Ana has upset Barb. Margie tells him not to worry. The tension between them is palpable. We're pioneers too. I never held Roman back. As they whisper, they hear Adaleen trying to sneak Roman out for a shave. Bill refuses to let him out of the house, so Adaleen and Nicki share the duty. Bring me your cell phone now.

Shame you weren't a boy. Once he's hung up, Barb and Nicki confront Bill. Nicki warns that Alby's rise will only cause mayhem. Furious that she's already sacrificed so much to be a part of Bill's family, Nicki challenges him to give something up for once.

Barb backs her up. It's vengeance. In a suspicious death, quiet and unseen. The two discuss why Roman ran him off the compound. Alby insists he's done nothing wrong. In the pantry, Ana and Bill quarrel, but end up in each other's arms.

But I've got to be number one and that's it. Alby has engineered his father's arrest for violating the Mann act: transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes. Ben pulls his mother in for a hug. Barb, Nicki and Margene share a laugh. It's Nicki's first day at her new job, but no one knows that she's really working at the DA's office using Margene's name to learn the identities of the Jane Does testifying against Roman. Facing her mortality again, she decides to take charge of her afterlife, which includes taking an active role in deciding about a fourth wife.

Barb goes to Ana to announce they want to formally date her but Ana informs her she has no interest in marrying Bill -- and he's known that for a while. Furious, Barb confronts Bill and gives him three days to decide whether he's officially dating Ana or dumping her.

Though Albie has made it clear that he sees his homosexuality as a curse, he clearly can no longer continue to deny himself. Dale also has a conflict. He is a married man with children, and repeatedly cites them as a reason to end his interactions with Albie. In the first on-screen kiss between Albie and Dale, the two are standing outside of a meeting center whose sole purpose is to counsel gay Mormons to resist the temptation of the flesh and lead a heterosexual lifestyle.

Mormonism is more than just a religion in the traditional sense, it is also a community. If it were revealed that he was attracted to men, not only would he face the personal shame of sin, he would be cast out from the only home that he knows. This extreme shunning and the fear of isolation is enough to keep many gays and lesbians in the Mormon community closeted throughout their lifetimes.

Though they had tried to reconcile themselves to the Church doctrine, the attempted suicide of Judd Hardy, their son, placed them in the position of having to choose between their faith and their child. Suicide, for gay Mormons, is not an uncommon action. Sure, Nicki kept her cool during this heated exchange, but will she ever learn?

Nicki is back on the needle she calls L. Like when she grabbed Ben by the ear and chided him for 1 sneaking out of the house and 2 disrespecting Barb. Yet Barb took it calmly, compared with Nicki.

I have to say, the trip to the casino was a nice change of venue. Margene clearly needed to get out of the house, and maybe so did we. Gotta love that elated look on her face. I shudder to ask, but was she drinking?

That was enough to send her over the edge and force Bill to deal.