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Black And White Couple

More than 50 years after the U. Supreme Court struck down laws banning interracial marriage, a growing number of ads feature interracial couples with biracial children. In Alexandria, Virginia, Kelly Thalman, who is white and a single mother to a biracial child, is glad to see the trend. Mark Jones, president of Jones Advertising in Seattle, Washington, said his agency tries to reflect multiculturalism in its ads. It is also smart business. In , a Cheerios cereal TV commercial featuring a Black and white couple with their daughter drew an influx of racist and other negative comments.

More recently, the State Farm engagement ad received negative comments on Twitter. A couple gets engaged in an ad for State Farm insurance company. Courtesy State Farm Positive or negative, companies know they are going to get a reaction to their interracial advertising, explained Subodh Bhat, a marketing professor at San Francisco State University in California. But it would not—could not—make them less mine. Clinics urged to tighten checks after embryo mixup. The Guardian Jul See www.

Dyer C. Couple in IVF mixup wait for court date. The Guardian July See society. IVF errors and questions of race. Test to prevent IVF race mixup. Herald Sun July news section: 4. Inquiry into IVF twins blunder.

BBC News health section July See news. Black father identified in IVF mixup.