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Boyfriend Busy Quotes

Thank you for being the best boyfriend on the planet. Your kindness, love and understanding mean more to me than you could ever know. I appreciate everything that you do for me and wish I was there to give you a big hug right now. I love your smile and I admire the way you handle all the obstacles that come our way.

You are the absolute best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for! You are always on my mind and every night I lay in bed and wish we were together. If you could see me right now, I bet you would be laughing at the stressed-out mess you call your girlfriend.

When we first started dating, we spent every single day together and I was so happy. Darling, I want you to know how much you mean to me. When we are apart, I miss your touch and the look in your eyes. We may be far apart but our love is close to my heart. You are my best friend. My heart aches each time we say goodbye, but I will be there waiting for you when you get back! I love you. I miss you. I need you. You are the man of my dreams and I want to be yours.

I will always be here for you, whenever you need me. I will never leave your side, even if we are apart. I could never be closer to you than this second if you were laying right next to me.

I love you dearly and cannot wait till you are home again. You are my everything and I miss you so much. My days are long and lonely without you to share them with me. I just want to call you to cling on to your every word, whisper every moment into your ear, and then kiss you goodnight. My heart aches for you just as much as my body does. I just wanted to drop you a quick blurb to say that no matter how busy I get, you always run through my mind.

I think about how much I love and appreciate everything that we have together. You mean the world to me and there is no one else that I want in my life or in my arms! I miss our talks, I miss your smile, I miss our love. I wish you were here to sleep in my arms tonight. Work is the only thing preventing me from having you by my side. I promise that once we are together again, I will never let you go!

You are the love of my life, the most amazing man I know. I love you more every day! I am so lucky to have met you, I love you more every day. I hope you are doing well in college, staying focused.

Your happiness is most important to me. You are my future husband, the one I will grow old with. Thank you for your beautiful message. It makes me smile from ear to ear! You make me feel alive and loved, and you make the distance easier to manage.

We only get to be together every other weekend but I look forward to that time tremendously. My heart beats just a little faster when you come into vision and my smile is bigger than Atoms. You are sweet and thoughtful. Hello, my love! I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you.

And since you are so busy this week, I just wanted to send you some love. Because you are always on my mind. I hope you have a great weekend! I love you more than words could say!

Never forget that, no matter how far away you are, my heart never stops beating for you because my love for you is endless. Just wanted to tell you that. Stay safe and be careful! In my opinion the surest way to hook a man is to be as open with him as possible. I speak because I can to anyone I trust enough to listen. I was too busy writing sad ballads to unrequited love in my head and planning a life where my hand would be my boyfriend.

Klune 5. I stole glances at Kaidan's bare skin while the others were busy talking. That's my boyfriend right there, I silently announced. You could kill me, Alice, he looked at me seriously. That's how much you mean to me. As foolish and masochistic as that makes me, you are so much to me that even if it destroys me to be with you, I'll be with you!

Life is but Life! And Death, but Death!