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Boyfriend Is Too Independent

Remember that boundaries are important in a relationship too, and you want to try and avoid doing something that might make your partner uncomfortable. Bringing your S. Make plans in advance. Independent people are often on the go and have no problem adventuring alone.

They are unable to see how they can create an emotional bubble: a safe place to relax and feel accepted, protected, and wanted. The Couple Bubble is an agreement, spoken or unspoken, that puts the relationship first.

This is a big commitment. But it is this fear of commitment that holds us back. So many of us want to pick our partners like we order burgers at a restaurant. Holding off committing to your partner in order to protect yourself only blocks yourself. Use conflict to your advantage. And when problems arise, like they always do, use those problems to bring you closer.

Use them to understand your partner so you can grow together. Your job in the Couple Bubble is to learn what matters to your partner and how you can make them feel safe and secure in the relationship. This also means showing up fully. Acting in an anxious manner without being vulnerable about what you need, or only putting one foot in while you keep one foot out, undermines the security of the relationship.

A healthy relationship is not about independence. It is not codependency, either. Codependent partners ignore their own needs and wants, thus filling the bubble with resentment and emotional distress. One without the other is just a covered up insecurity.

Your Couple Bubble allows you to rely on one another and share your vulnerabilities. The Bubble is your foundation of support and protection. Sometimes this means taking steps ahead of time like Alison and Brett, so both of you can hold hands through the stressful events of life.

Love is about working together , not making your partner work to only meet your needs. Here's the funny thing: I trust him completely.

This isn't a man who is cheating on me. This is a man; however, who doesn't need, or crave, constant communication to feel connected or happy. He's a bit of a nomad. When we're together he showers me with attention and affection, but when he's away he feels very much-- away. He didn't check in constantly and he lets me do my own thing. He trusts me! It's frustrating! He has his own group of friends who he enjoys spending time with they all know me, and I like them , but he has a seperate life with them too.

I'm dealing with a grownup-- a man with a real life, big boy emotions, and adult ways of dealing with things. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in my throw a tantrum stage of life I had to ask myself: is my boyfriend a whole, complete individual person, does he just not like me, or do I need to grow the F up? Netflix Inc.