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Boyfriend Pay For Everything

My boyfriend thinks it is completely reasonable for my family to pay these expenses for me. First, many offered this important rule of thumb for anyone considering living with a partner who makes significantly more or less than they do: Couples splitting rent evenly should go by what the person who makes the least can afford.

You make the least, so you guys can only live at what you can comfortably pay. For many in the thread, they questioned what kind of person would comfortably ask their partner's family for such a thing. If he truly loved you, he would want to take that burden away from your family and show them how much he loves you. This is a slap in your face, asking you to pay half of the expenses. Everyone is different, but I could never imagine not wanting to help my husband in any way possible.

When he was finishing his master's, I knew he couldn't afford to go out on dates the way we used to when he worked full time. I was fine with that. I tried to pay for dates and pick up the slack. I made time to have dates in his lab and at school, etc. You try to make things work with people you love and care about; you don't hold them up to impossible standards. I would be so offended by this if I were you. I had a plan to go out of town with a few of my closest friends at the end of February for my birthday.

I was really excited about the plans I made for my birthday trip, and so were my friends. Should I cancel the trip? It is wise not to spend a lot of money on a trip when your financial situation has changed so dramatically.

Thank your friends for wanting to take this trip with you, and make an alternate recommendation. What about going to a fancy restaurant for dinner?

It will be a splurge, but a much smaller one than originally planned.