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Bto Find Out About Love

Which opinion do you agree with more? Actions speak louder than words A word of affirmation can energize someone When you have free time, who do you spend most of it with? Lovers No one - I prefer being alone In a relationship, which behaviour makes you feel most secure? Physical contact such as hugs and kisses A lover's true love When your lover hugs or kisses you in public, how do you feel? Bad or embarrassed You would prefer to get: A daily good morning kiss An unexpected little surprise How can you relax after a busy day?

A massage from a lover Play games, watch movies, or read books with your lover Doing my own thing while my lover offers to do the housework What is more important to you in a relationship? That two people understand each other on a spiritual level and support each other Passionate expressions of love and compatible sex Do you want to be alone with your lover as much as possible? Yes No, I need some personal space At your birthday party, what would you appreciate from your lover the most?

A surprise gift Helping you to clean up the mess at the end Reading a love letter in front of the guests When you are on vacation, you look forward to and your lover: Travelling somewhere together Planning the decoration of the wedding room together Watching movies and going shopping together Visiting parents or friends together Which of these would make you consider breaking up with someone?

A partner ruthlessly ranting about your shortcomings and faults during a fight A partner being indifferent when you are sad or in pain You want your lover to be able to: Tell me how much he appreciates me and loves me Help me do things I don't like doing When you have negative emotions such as anger, grievances, etc. Yes, I use this to relieve emotional stress No, I'll deal with it myself When you have completed a very challenging task, you want your lover to: Give you heartfelt praise and encouragement Spend undisturbed leisure time together Make a delicious dinner for you Which love language do you prefer?

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met. I will do my best to love you and stand by you you. I will always be by your side. The time I spend with you is the most precious thing in my life. The Love Language Test consists of 30 questions. Once completed, the results will be given to you in the form of a radar chart. It feeds back the subjects' expectations and views on love.

In addition, we will also give a detailed introduction to each requirement. Of course, you can answer each question the way you believe another subject would. However, if you're not sure about the person's answer to a question, then you are making a a subjective guess based on assumptions.

This reduces how accurate and credible the test result will be. Detailed explanation of each requirement Actions Actions can make you feel more loved than vain words and promises that may be false. You are strong, you can think independently, and you also have the courage and will to not depend on others. More importantly, you can rationally distinguish whether or not the person you are in contact with is sincere. This was the first track, and it blew me away, especially that sweet, sweet guitar solo, which I think are Randy and Blair switching parts half-way through, but I wouldn't swear to it.

At the time, I thought it was the most melodic solo I'd ever heard. I have it memorized, and if I knew how to play guitar, I could play it right now. Anyway, pleased to meet you! You have good taste, sir. Y esos solos son preciosos. Con este solo tema pasaron a la historia del rock!! Carlos Pizarro Hola Ricardo. Felicitaciones por el excelente gusto musical. Un abrazo.