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Bumble First Date Ideas

Why agree to spend countless hours and splash the cash on a complete stranger? She has polar opposite political, vaccination, dietary, and musical views. Perfect First Date Bumble Examples for Guys When crafting your perfect first date Bumble answer, make sure the first date is one you can actually see yourself going on.

Flex whatever hobby of yours that makes you unique. Remember when popping the first date question that you use a TDL.

Whenever scribbling out your perfect first date answer, be sure to be specific. Making the date as vivid as possible will help make it unique and appealing despite the imposed first date limitations. Your ideal first date probably involves going to a brewery. Thousands of other Bumble-bros have written the same thing. Perfect first dateā€¦ hit a brewery and drink a few IPAs. You can still stand out by putting a little spin on that cliche idea. The Bumble answer above does so by adding a bit of character.

Also instead of a brewery consider drinking a few glasses of wine on an expansive vineyard with kick-ass views. Plenty of Bumblers pretend to be experts in travel, languages, wine, etc.

Can you blame them? Subtly making fun of oneself is novel and attractive after having read a dozen boasts. Virtual happy hour.

Fire up the Video Chat feature in the Bumble app and share a cocktail, beer, or iced tea. Truth or dare. This can be as PG as you want it to be! Truth: when did you last make your bed? Dare: show me the contents of your kitchen cupboard! Maybe your new match will surprise you with his or her pantry preparedness. TikTok dance-off. Ok, sure. Some of us are over the age of But these are anxious times, and we all need some comic relief, even at our own expense.

Challenge your match to a TikTok dance-off. Are you a sneakerhead with an impressive collection of Air Max 90s? Or are you honestly just proud you took all those Amazon Prime boxes to the recycling bin?

Unsurprisingly, there are tons of free outdoor concerts all year round, from Blues on the Green to Unplugged at the Grove. Catch a movie screening at a local park. Bonus points if you can bring your fur baby along for the walk, too. Independently-owned grocery stores often host ice cream socials and Sample Sundays. Get Something Brewing Many brewery tours are free, so plan ahead for a different kind of happy hour. Beer not your thing? Tons of wineries and distilleries also offer a free peek at the facilities.