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Can I Be Independent With You

Spend time alone Spending time in solitude, meditating, and recharging yourself can possibly provide you with a world of confidence. Spending time alone can help lower levels of depression , increase self-esteem , and build stronger emotion regulation skills. Solitude can help develop these skills without reliance on another person to know your thoughts, values, and feelings.

Learn what you can control If you have codependent tendencies, it may be difficult to let another person make their own decisions. It can be tough to watch someone you care about make decisions that hurt themselves or you. In fact, it often stems from caring quite a bit. This is where the insecurity can start to set in.

Then, Amanda and Mike find out they are having a baby. He feels attacked for circumstances out of his control. He defends himself, she gets angrier and they get stuck in an awful fight. In relationships, sometimes the best way to take of yourself and your relationship is to turn to each other for support. Her emotions kept building until they exploded, creating more problems in the relationship. Moving from independence to interdependence: Give yourself permission to need your partner.

Learn to turn towards them. Your need for your partner makes you human. Communicate your feelings. Here are four ways to be more independent: Make decisions alone So often we crowd source decisions that we could easily make on our own.

This goes for big decisions as well as seemingly insignificant ones. For instance, are you trying to decide between ordering a Cobb salad or a veggie burger? Believe it or not, you can just pick one. Are you unsure if the email you just drafted makes you sound casual or crazed? Fight the temptation to show it to your friend or whoever happens to be around for feedback.

Just read through it yourself and send it. While it seems minor, giving yourself the freedom to make your own choices can have a big impact. Take some alone time and reconnect with something that you love. Do you love to write? Get writing.