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Can T Wait To Love You

Let them fill your love life and heart with hope and warmth. Because life is love, and love is life. Wait for the one who loves your imperfections and makes you feel perfect. I am in love with you, Marie. I know you like to think things through. Make plans. But plan on this. I want to marry you. Children wait to learn if their love is true by seeing how long it lasts; adults make their love true by never wavering from their commitment.

So let us make a deal. Whoever reaches beyond the horizon first, will wait for the other to join. Then we can live happily in heaven. It is a pretty thing, As sweet unto a shepherd as a king, And sweeter too; For kings have cares that wait upon a crown, And cares can make the sweetest love to frown. A moment to fall in love. A moment to feel alive. To make it a perfect day, dance the whole day, sing every hour, and love every moment.

Love a person and make him or her perfect with your power of love. I never planned for this. My body misses that warmness it feels when I had you in my arms.

I miss the feeling of passion as I feel your face, stare into your beautiful eyes and tenderly kiss you. My heart longs to be filled with joy by your smile, and my heart wants my love, respect, and adoration to flow to you as I gently kiss your hands. You are just amazing, my love. A day never ends without a thought of you. A moment never passes by without my heart reminding me of how much you mean to me. Your smile, adoring look, and your beautiful blue eyes. Each time I look at you, I wonder how someone can be this perfect.

Your love is everything I need and everything that makes my world come alive. Life is better when it is spent with you. The choice is yours. My body and soul desire to feel alive once more.

You left a few days ago, but it seems like a year already. I have missed your smile so much. I long for your touch and your soft palms held by mine. I keep trying to focus, then I hear something whisper your name. The thoughts of you have gradually become food for my soul because I keep thinking about you in odd hours.

I am hoping and waiting for you to come back soon because I am missing everything about you. Thinking about you seems like I am living in the past. I want to be with you right now to know how it will feel to spend the rest of my life. I will wait for your return because I miss you badly. I am with you at all times because your thought never leaves my mind.

My fear in life is staying away from you. I want to see your face again, and I want to kiss you while you smile. I want to have you here with me at all times. Nothing matters to me than seeing your lovely face once more. Even if you are far from me, my heart still beats for you every day. You own my heart forever, and not even distance can change this feeling. Baby, my heart is hungry for your presence. It has been a while you have been away. When I miss you, I feel my heart shatters.

You may be far away but never doubt the feelings in my heart, because you are the only one I love with my whole heart. The distance may be a barrier today, but I will see you soon. I met you when my heart needed you.

I love you so much. You might be a thousand miles away. You might have a great time with great people at the moment. You might be out of sight, but you are defiantly not out of my heart. I miss you, and I miss us. I see several images of you going through my mind, and it occurred to me that I had missed you so much. I think of you too often, can you please come home?

All the fun times we had are the best in the world. I love you. I long for the day we will spend time together, hold you close and feel your breath on my skin. I miss your presence and the joy that accompanies it. I would wish for you to be here because I miss you.

A heart misses the one whose thoughts dominate it. The heart carves for the one who makes it happy. My mind will never get tired of thinking about you. My heart will not get worn out because of your love. I will always wish and wait for you to come back to me. Nothing can kill the flames of my love for you, not even the distance we both face. I will wait for you because I know you will be back for me. I will jump on every opportunity to be in your arms again.

I miss you, and everything in my world knows that. You brought my dreams you bring to reality. Throughout my whole life, I pray to be with you forever. I feel joy flow through me, but when you are away, I feel lonely and wish you come back to me. I love you, baby. I love you, and I love the smile on your face. Now that you are far away, I still laugh at the thoughts and funny memories in my mind.