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Catholic Date Ideas

To solidify the third rail of our holy covenant? We discovered we could delight in the Lord and each other, without breaking the bank or even leaving home. Want to know how we did it? Check out our favorite date night ideas below. Staying In Watch a faith-based film and have a carpet picnic. Want the entertainment of a feature film without the objectionable material or the cost? Pick a favorite saint or two , then spend some time in the kitchen concocting their signature libation.

Consider ingredients based on color, name, or even place of origin. Learn a Skill YouTube can be a waste of time and energy, but did you know you can use the video platform to learn a brand-new skill?

Try your hand at painting, drawing, building, or even ballroom dancing. The only limit is your imagination. Try something by C. Lewis, J. Heading Out Go to Adoration Take your prayer intentions to Adoration, then stop for a cup of coffee or dessert on your way home.

Once Mass is over, hit a local park for an evening picnic while you watch the stars. Take a Field Trip Do you have a local shrine nearby, or a monastery?

Go for a day trip if you can, and explore the surrounding city or town, too. Play armchair critic and write serious or silly reviews. We send them up to bed even earlier on these nights so we can have more time together. Not here. I confine my blogging to early morning hours and quiet time during the week. So how does this look during that sacred space following pm? On the weekends, I try to make our time together more date like by making a special dessert. Sometimes we just enjoy a homemade cup of cocoa.

Watch or listen to religious talk or show We learn more about our faith and enjoy the discussion that ensues. The great thing about learning about your Catholic faith by watching a talk, listening to a radio show, or reading together is that it always sparks deep conversation.

You will learn more about each other, the views you hold, and where you each are struggling. You grow in your knowledge, faith, and marriage. I suggest you follow up with praying together. Push past the initial awkwardness and you will be rewarded by connecting on a completely different level.