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Charleston Singles Network

All too often the time for making new friends over Sunday dinner after morning mass or sharing in outside activities is absent in our busy lives. The Problem: Single adults tend to be lonely and need help finding opportunities to meet singles.

Many times they church church in order to network and meet people. However, attending mass can make one feel even more lonely if no one reaches out to welcome the single adult.

The Answer: Give opportunities for Catholic singles to network with each other. What Can You Do? Be a part of the answer helping the Catholic singles at your church to get together. This site will walk you through some creative steps that you can take to help single adults in your area. If you are single, you can actually help yourself by helping others.

View More "Hoffler place is the best! From the first time we contacted Hoffler the staff was always super helpful and friendly. This is a great building for CofC students. It has everything a student could need. The gym is has everything that I need and the pool is always clean and maintained.