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Christian Dating Quiz

You are able to show love reasonably well, but are not so hot at receiving it. Ask your mate for patience as you learn to give and receive signs of affection. That can only mean one thing: a Stop sticking your foolish neck out. Know that you can learn from past hurts and make better choices in the future. Your mate lovingly suggests that it may be time to participate in some counseling together to improve the relationship. Pencils down. Pass your papers to the right.

Are you willing to support your husband, no matter his faults? Recall that a certain very special someone sacrificed his life so that believers might enjoy life and have it more abundantly. No matter what your brand of Christianity or level of tolerance, remembering the promise of Jesus Christ should help make your mate decisions much less complicated. Let our Christian hubby quiz light the path to your ideal man!

I already have children: a Pomeranian named "Andy" and a Beagle named "Chucky. The committed, like the Romantic, also loves loves and longs to be a wife and a mother. However, this type tens to put those things on a pedestal. Sometimes they'll bury insecurities and uncertainties and try to force relationships to work only because they want a sense of security. Rescuer- The rescuer is the girl who loves the bad boys. She will see potential in almost anyone and is typically drawn to guys with mysterious or rough past.

The rescuer finds validation in others needing her. Rescuers have the tendency to put her identity in another person. They are typically defensive and protective of their relationships and struggle with setting healthy emotional boundaries in an attempt to fix another person.

Cautious- This is the second most popular dating type. This is the girl who wants to be loved, but lets her insecurities or lack of experience hold her back. She probably gets nervous around boys and hides her desire to be loved. Cautious types have high standards and typically have spent a lot of time with Jesus.

What are some of the struggles or best qualities that you recognize in your dating personality? Kenz says that being a flirt, she tends to live in the headspace of not wanting to commit and always thinking that there could be something better out there. Kenz also talks about some good qualities of being flirt such as they connect with people very well, are personable, and easy to talk to. Independents, like cautious types also have high standards.

Mac also says that she is not all that good at letting others get to know the real her as she goes into a different version of herself as a defensive mechanism, Mac says that the good qualities of being an independent is taking the type to focus on herself and become Confident.

Kait talks about how being a romantic, she is always looking for affirmation. Kenz, Mac, and Kait also talk about how romantics tend to want their love story to look a very specific way. Some positive qualities of a romantic is that they love hard and selflessly.