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This is what you want to do kill every male and every woman who is not a virgin, so they do that but they keep alive virgin girls to serve as wives to be Benjamite but that's not enough, there still short so verse 20 they tell the minute Benjamin, there's this other region in Israel, where they have a tradition where every fall they come out before the harvest, and they do this ritual dance but they don't bring them in with them to want to go hide in the woods.

And when these women verse 21 we see the young women come out for their dances and rush out from the vineyards in each one of you can take home one of them to the land of Benjamin to be your wife. We call that kidnapping and so they do that and then the book of Judges, just dance. Verse In those days Israel had no king.

Atheism always results in two things, always strong to press the week and despair. What rhymes through these last chapters is a horrific callousness for the week. Israel is mercilessly oppressive toward weaker tribes and weaker groups like Israelite women.

The most profound achievement of the American Constitution was to ground our rights not in democracy not in the will of the majority, but in God's created order. We are endowed by our Creator. They said inalienable rights. They are inalienable because they don't complement majority.

They come from God and the majority didn't storm the majority can't take him away to the not subject to the whims of the majority of flabby was Ben Franklin who said democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. The liberty is the Lamb having grounds before God on which to contest the boat so the guy like Martin Luther King comes along, he could say that the American majority was wrong and how it treated black men and women, even though it was the law of the land of the will of the majority.

If violated, he said the higher law, the law of the creator. Martin Luther King had only had the will of the people to appeal to. He would've had no leg to stand on. He said there is a higher law that gives inalienable rights and no majority, no matter how strong can ever take them away because they didn't give him in the first place.

It was the law, the creator. When a society or a person dismisses God the strong, inevitably will begin to oppress the weak. So was asked this question.

You were the weak among us today. For many years in our country. It was people of different races for a large part of our history, the African, Native American, Hispanic, was subject to a different standard of justice, then the majority was even today the laws themselves have been corrected. We who are in positions of strength ought constantly to make sure that justice is not being skewed toward the strong, because that happens inevitably and very easily and we ought to empathize with those around us who have not enjoyed the same positions of strength throughout history that we have read an article recently on the Gospel coalition site caught my attention because it was written by guy named Isaac Adams.

The reason it caught my attention is because Isaac Adams came to faith in Christ. On the fourth row sitting right there. You hung over from being drunk the night before.

Scott say the next Sunday morning here in our church company was writing on the anniversary of the death of Eric Garner. He was not trying to pass judgment on the merits of the case. He was just trying to urge his white brothers and sisters in Christ to at least put themselves in the place of their black brothers and sisters and try to see some of the situations through their eyes.

He says and I quote. Imagine being white and every copy surrounds you with black the cops pulling up in their car to your once peaceful scene while their black to your the only guy in this situation it was white. One of the cops just descends on you did two of them.

Then three of them begin to pin you down. This is imagine this happening to you. You wouldn't think twice about whether race were a factor, imagine them saying I can't breathe.

I can breathe only to have your face further pressed into the unforgiving sidewalk and now imagine all of this in the context of having seen the slaying of year-old Tamir Rice and the brutal murder of year-old Emmett till in the memories of situations like Rodney King or the lynchings that took place throughout history. Might you be even just a little weary of the police, maybe a little discouraged now. He is not saying that the police are bad. He's not saying the police or even guilty in each of those situations he's not in a place to judge that and he knows that and he supports the due process of law.

He just wants those of us in the majority culture to consider things from the viewpoint of somebody who has not walked in our shoes and speak up and down the way that we would want someone to speak up for us or our children, why, why do we think that because all people, black, white, brown or whatever color are created in God's image and are given the same inalienable rights and ought to be subject to the same due process of law of anybody else, and ought to be treated like such wanted to quickly remind you that today the final day to get our latest resource.

Just like in the book of Judges. Our new book, also cover some strange but brutally honest topics we have created a second volume of honest questions quick answers this new bucketful of new questions and answers from Pastor JD like anything I don't and it's okay to ask God for success.

We like to urge you to reserve your copy today by calling or visit us online. JD Greer. Thanks for being with us today. Now, let's return for the conclusion of our teaching series. Once again, here's here's another bring the fatherless in our country. One in every three kids United States is growing up in a single-parent home in most cases it's the absence of a data in Durham County alone, 20, kids will never know what it's like to have the love of a father, foster kids, many of them are in the foster care.

There children in foster care in wake County alone. It's up to hundred from last year. Not a single person come visit them. A single time when they're in prison, not family, not friends, not somebody from church about the unborn. The revelation that Planned Parenthood traffics the body parts of aborted babies ought to make us ask a very uncomfortable question.

What is it say about us as a society that we have a use for aborted human organs but not a use for the baby that provides them only process a little farther because I know this is controversial you in one sense, Planned Parenthood's logic makes sense.

They maintain that the unborn is not human, just a piece of tissue. It's like a piece of hamburger. If that's true then nobody should have any problem destroying it or selling it. A woman does have a right to her body and she wants remove part of her body and sell it that's on her. What does not make sense is when somebody says you none of the unborn is human being, but a woman still ought to have the right to kill it but selling it that's barbaric listen.

If the unborn is not human, then no justification for abortion. No justification for selling body parts is really necessary if the unborn is a human being, then no justification could we ever give would be adequate. Our children in the womb, human beings made in the image of God. If so, then how could we ever be okay with a human being being killed simply for convenience and if you say well I don't know if it's really human life, life is both science and logic demanded.

It's a human organism is human life. It is life in wake County alone. There are 23 abortions every single day and we need to be brokenhearted about it when we need to be righteously angry and we need to do something. Why because every human created in the image of God has the same right to dignity and respect of love is any of the rest of us.

We cannot do is be silent and I should see in the face of every aborted unborn child. The face of my own children because the children that are killed in the womb are not any different than my own children. They're both made in the image of God. If there is no God. We do not need to be worried about anybody's pain but our own, but if there is a God and we recognize that each person created in the image of God is worthy of respect and dignity and to be ought to be loved.

We believers we Christians ought to speak up for anybody in the position of weakness. That's how you can measure whether or not we understand God and the gospel that we switch here from in high school students you speak up for those who being picked on in the lunchroom there a few times were more like God than when you stand up for someone who is being oppressed and there a few times that you anchor God, like when you participate in or sit silent during the bullying of somebody else to give one more Christians for us.

We know that there are millions of people in the world had never heard the name of Jesus each one of these people is made in the image of God just like you and me, then I would like to feel pain.

Then it was like to feel lonely. They notice like to be afraid for them. Going to hell would be every bit the tragedy that it is would be for you or me for our kids is announcing we talk about people around the world that have no access to the gospel. We cannot just put it in the category of statistic 2. Joseph Stalin who I typically don't hold during sermons. But Joseph Stalin said the death of one is a tragedy, the death of the millions just a statistic.

This is not a statistic. These are people made in the image of God and what that means is that we ought to love them, the way we want somebody to love us because they are eternal suffering will be no different than if it was for us or our children. I realized that each of you cannot be involved in all of these ministries. But one thing is true of people who really believe in God and really understand the gospel that they give themselves away for the week is the sign that you have met God you can't be involved in all of them, but you should be involved in some of them here is that the last thing here when God is absent.

We live with despair when God is absent. We live with despair as I noted, this book ends with a note of desperation. It tells these horrific stories in the author, put his hands up and then process in those days Israel had no king. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes so appealing at the beginning was not. You want to swim. Smith became distraught and started yelling and cursing. The video of the arrest went viral, portrayed out of context as an example of out-of-control conservatives attacking local officials for simply trying to do their jobs.

Smith received a suspended sentence of 10 days in jail. In October, the boy who had allegedly assaulted his daughter committed another alleged assault at his new school, while wearing an ankle monitor, according to authorities. But conservatives seized on it nonetheless. These controversies engulfed a school board that was already struggling with racial issues.

The independent journalist Matt Taibbi, who has reported extensively on the Loudoun fracas, obtained the contract through a public-records request. By the time of the school board meeting where Smith made his complaint, opposing groups of parents had been arguing about the new diversity curriculum for months.

But for many parents of all stripes, these overlapping controversies—over reopening, over masks, over trans issues, over race, over testing—contributed to a sense that school was no longer necessarily a safe place for their children, and that there was little they could do about it. He had never been particularly involved in Virginia politics. When he was a teenager, his family moved to Virginia Beach, and he washed dishes at a boardwalk restaurant to help make ends meet.

Childhood friends describe him as effortlessly popular and mature beyond his years, the kind of kid who gets good grades, captains the team, and charms adults. After graduation, he attended Harvard Business School, then went on to a year career at Carlyle, a Washington-based leveraged-buyout firm.

Youngkin had not been particularly devout before he met his wife of 28 years, Suzanne, a Texan who made serious Christianity a condition of their marriage. The Youngkins left St. He joined a crowded field of better-known contenders vying for the nomination in a complicated convention process. The format—which continued to change for months as state GOP officials feuded—gave his consultants fits and forced the campaign to be creative.

It helped that Youngkin poured tens of millions of his personal fortune into the effort. After 12 hours of counting, Youngkin clinched the nomination in the sixth round of balloting.

Trump, who had not taken a position on the primary, endorsed him the next day. In the general election, Youngkin was a vigorous and disciplined campaigner who could be difficult to pin down on the issues. Youngkin debates former VA Gov.

Terry McAuliffe, left, Sept. His first post-convention campaign stop was at the Loudoun County school board. He called Scott Smith and thanked him for standing up. Then, at a Sept. Liberals and many in the media dismissed CRT as a graduate-level legal theory that they insist is not taught in K schools, rather than grapple with the legions of examples of children across the country being taught racial essentialism from the earliest grades.

Even policies that are neutral or color blind on paper are by definition racist, in this thinking, if they produce inequitable results. The state did away with the test, provoking a revolt and lawsuit from Asian parents.

Similar controversies have recently unfolded in cities such as Boston and San Francisco, where they helped inspire the recall of several school-board members this spring. The push for equity was especially aggressive in Virginia, where, in early , Northam, a doctor from the rural Eastern Shore, admitted having worn blackface in his youth after a decades-old racist yearbook photo surfaced.

Under one proposal, critics charged , advanced high-school math classes would have been eliminated in the name of racial justice. The proposal was never implemented.

It was this sort of thing, Youngkin says, that he hoped to root out—the erosion of standards in the name of leveling the playing field, the sorting of students into groups based on their race. And we can do both of these things. It can come in the rage of a mob driven to assault the Capitol; it can come in a smile and a fleece vest. Republicans have handled these issues poorly in the past.

We can tell the truth about what happened in this country—all of it—without blaming or trying to make people feel guilty. First, he decreed that parents, not local officials, should get to decide whether their children wear masks to school. Third, he ordered the attorney general—Republican Jason Miyares, the first Latino elected statewide—to investigate the controversies in Loudoun.

To Democrats, this registered as aggressive and extreme. Youngkin was removing mask mandates at a time when the Omicron wave was cresting; some schools were having trouble operating because so many teachers were out on quarantine. One state legislator compared the governor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and even a Republican voted against it, killing the measure.

He later mostly relented. On June 21, Youngkin signed the budget agreement legislators had negotiated, which passed both houses by broad bipartisan margins. Democrats also got a tax rebate for low-income families that they had long sought.