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Christmas Is A Time To Love

If there is weakness, love supplants it with strength. True love sacrifices for the loved one. Christ gave of Himself, gave His life, for us, and thereby proclaimed the reality of his love for his mortal brethren and sisters.

Christmas is the season to give service. Our Lord and Savior ministered personally to the people, lifting the oppressed, giving hope to the discouraged, and seeking out the lost. He gave sight to the blind, healed the sick and the lame so they could walk, and raised the dead. At Christmastime, I think of the missionaries—elders, sisters, senior missionaries, and mission presidents throughout the world—who, as representatives of Jesus Christ, give freely of their time and service to all mankind.

I think of all the brothers and sisters who spend many hours serving faithfully in their callings. Also at this time, I think of all the men and women serving in the military to ensure our safety. Thank you for your service! But even if we are not serving the Lord or our country in full-time service, our opportunities to serve are limitless. Kind words and deeds can lift burdens and cheer up hearts!

Our Father in Heaven invites us all to give service. Christmas is the season to give forgiveness. Forgiving others brings peace and joy to our lives.

President Heber J. There is nothing that will bring more joy to us than to be ready and willing to forgive the trespasses of our neighbors against us, and there is nothing that will bring more condemnation to us than to harden our hearts and to be bitter and vindictive in our feelings towards those by whom we are surrounded.

Forgiving others allows us to overcome feelings of anger, bitterness, or revenge. The best present Santa ever brought me was the gift of your love. Even on the coldest of winter days, your magical glow melts my heart every time.

Merry Christmas, my love. I finally understood the true magic of Christmas, the first Christmas morning I woke up in your arms. You light up my life like the first snowflake on Christmas Day. The beauty of the Christmas season ain't got nothing on you, my love. Sweet Christmas Quotes to Kick off the Holidays Are you looking for a sweet quote to share how much someone means to you? Look no further. You'll find an array of cute, fun quotes to share with your loved ones.

Laughing with friends, drinking eggnog, and spending time with family this holiday season is more special because you are by my side. Thank you for being my plus one in a million this Christmas. The true meaning of the season can be felt the moment your fingers touch mine.

Have the Merriest of Christmases, love. You are sugar and spice and everything nice this Christmas. May my love for you only grow this Christmas. My Christmas miracle was you coming into my life. This Christmas, I don't need diamonds or pearls; I only need the gift of your love. Christmas is a time for miracles, and you are truly a miracle from Heaven.

You make each Christmas a memory I'll never forget. You light my spirit and make my heart shine like a Christmas star. The only Mrs. Claus I want in my life is you, love. Merry Christmas. It makes the snowflakes dance in the sky and the wind dance around you.

Ride that high of Christmas love by sharing a few perfect quotes. Your love is the Christmas gift that inspires me every day. You bring meaning to the season. Your love is a gift that can't be bought in stores. This Christmas, the only gift I want is to spend every Christmas with you.