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Christmas Love Comes

One of the enduring qualities of a love letter is that it is something we can pull out time and again and re-read it. When times are not so pleasant; when things are tougher than they need to be, having a safe and encouraging space to go to, such as re-reading a love letter is most welcoming.

Maybe that is the allure of Christmas cards themselves? For all of us has been an indifferent year. Times of hope and times of uncertainty mixed together in unequal quantities. As we come towards its end we celebrate Christmas, and carefully and diligently re-read this love letter from God to humanity in general and to each of us in particular. Advertisement We, like the chosen people, have been waiting, hoping that someday soon the pandemic will be over.

Longing for the day when masks and vaccines will not be necessary. The drums and pace of the song give off a Jazz vibe blended with an orchestra, and the vocals flow effortlessly with a sense of relaxation. Speaking about a love shared during the holidays, the song speaks about spending time with a loved one during the Christmas season.

Frank was no stranger to Christmas music, but there are some that really stuck with the holiday for years to come. In his general style, the instrumental is very orchestral and does a fantastic job of encapsulating the vibe his vocals deliver. The record is an excellent blend of Christmas cheer with an upbeat pop tempo that gives a good amount of energy.

Her vocals are coated with soft reverb, and the song can be found on repeat in many homes during the holidays. It offers a different flair than the usual Christmas music, which is what makes it one of the best Christmas love songs, in my opinion. Love's Unending Legacy In the fifth installment of the 'Love Comes Softly' film series based on the literary works of Janette Oke, Missie LaHaye and her young son Maddie return home to be near her parents, Clark and Marty Davis, two years after the murder of her sheriff husband.

Love Takes Wing Dr. Belinda Simpson arrives in the tiny town of Sikeston to take up the post of town physician.