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That if someone suspected of having an abortion shows up to your house with you, now they have proof and evidence that that is why they were there. Some of these people might start off as well-intentioned, but as soon as their safety is on the line, they won't hesitate to sell you out. And I can bet you, that some of these people are not well-intentioned. Some of these people will turn you in as soon as you reach out. Some of these people will try to persuade you not to get one you know, like the Crisis Pregnancy Centers that imitate abortion clinics but really just push birthing as the only option?

So what can you do? Go through an abortion network. Go through agency channels. Fox Searchlight Pictures If only the movie left had been more like its promotion right. And Jo March, played by Winona Ryder — who has captured gay girl hearts in everything from Reality Bites to Heathers — has served as the root for sooo many lady queers.

Jo is a 19th-century tomboy through and through, completely uninterested in the trappings of domesticity and motherhood. She sucks at housework, chops off all her hair, and doesn't conduct herself with an ounce of feminine decorum.

Jo is the fucking best. When she eventually ends up with Frederick, the German professor, by the end of the movie, so many of us thought we were upset because she belonged with Laurie, played by Christian Bale, her childhood best friend — but really, we were upset she wasn't ending up with a lady. Bonus points: Jo was played by Katharine Hepburn, another of our favorite tomboys, in the version of Little Women, another classic.