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Date Ideas In Tulsa

Include visiting their gallery spaces for a date night in the Tulsa Arts District. Guthrie Green East Brady Street, Tulsa Located in the heart of the Tulsa Arts District, this industrial square block was transformed from an old freight yard to an inviting green space.

Guthrie Green is a community town square to celebrate the performing arts. It is a source of health and wellness, ecological awareness, and joyous appreciation of the arts.

The greatest feature of the park are the many events it hosts that are free and open to the public, such as concerts, movies, fitness classes, and markets. We have all types of people and all age groups learning how to blow glass and appreciate the art form. You can catch a free demonstration during the First Friday Art Crawl.

True chocoholics will be interested in the rare, single-origin chocolates available. They got fun retro arcade games, cocktails, and all the retro jams. Plus, they host dance parties and gaming competitions. The retro pub is 21 and older to enter. The 8, square foot facility, which includes a lounge, full-service bar, patio and private VIP room with two lanes, is a retro-inspired tribute to the classic bowling alleys of the s. Food and Drinks in the Blue Dome District Dilly Diner for breakfast all day, lunch, and late-night dining where freshness is a focus.

Also great for weekend brunch dates. Juniper for a menu that evolves with the changing seasons, with delicious plates with Italian, French, Spanish and American influences. The bar at Juniper is an innovation in mixology, utilizing infused vodkas and gins, flavored bitters and food highlights in cocktail drinks.

Great place to impress a date. Watch our episode on Foolish Things. Shades of Brown — For a relaxing coffee date where you can enjoy local art and board games.

Watch our episode on Shades of Brown. Overall, the center is a little more than eight feet in diameter. Of course, the effect works best when there are no trains. Coming from either side of this railroad overpass, you can follow a brick path that goes to a brick circle that is located directly over the tracks. The closest address is 50 South Boston Avenue. Open Container for an outdoor bar with top-notch cocktails, bar food, and a view of downtown Tulsa in the Tulsa Boxyard. At the same time, you get the same cinema experience you know.

Visiting this restaurant belongs to the best date ideas in Tulsa. What's great about this place is the casual atmosphere. Because of the atmosphere, going here is very relaxing. Moreover, the food and drinks of this place are great! If you both love coffee, going here is one of the most romantic things to do in Tulsa for sure. You can have great specialty coffee at this place.

Moreover, there are coffee drinks here that you cannot have at other places. Furthermore, what's great is that this place roasts its own coffee. That way, you can be sure the coffee will be very fresh and amazing!

Then, you should definitely see a ballet performance together. You can go do so at Tulsa Ballet. This is a phenomenal ballet company with great performances. These performances are beautiful to see together! Because of that, seeing a performance at Tulsa Ballet is one of the most wonderful date ideas in Tulsa.

You can go to Poppi's , which is a great spa and lounge in the city. At this place, you and your partner can do a variety of relaxing treatments together. For example, you can get a massage with your partner, which is very romantic and relaxing. Explore the Beautiful Architecture in the City There are so many historic and modern buildings in the city. These buildings are great to see together, especially if you both love architecture.

You can go for a romantic walk in the city and stumble upon incredible architecture together! So if you love architecture, this is one of the best date ideas in Tulsa. You can have sandwiches, classic breakfast items, and much more at this place. Moreover, Dilly Diner is a very cozy place that is also very retro. This makes going here for breakfast even better! Bowl Together at Broken Arrow Lanes Bowling together is another one of the most romantic things to do in Tulsa for couples.

One of the best places for this Broken Arrow Lanes. This is a modern bowling alley that also has a bar. This means that you can have a drink afterward, which makes this place even better for a date. Also, what's great is that there are lovely lights in the bowling alley.

These make bowling here even more fun. This is a great fair where you can find lots of rides and many other attractions. Also, there are food vendors, concerts, and many other activities during the festival. Because of this, the festival is perfect for a date with your partner! At this place, you and your partner can try out delicious pastries together, which is great!

There are lots of different pastries to choose from. And it is very romantic to both choose pastries you don't know, that way you can explore new ones together. If that's so, you should go to Climb Tulsa for sure. This is a great indoor rock climbing gym where you can have a lot of fun together. You find here climbing walls that you climb together. Also, what's great is that you take classes at this place to become a better climber. If you and your partner want to climb more often, this is very fun to do together.

So if you're looking for romantic things to do in Tulsa and you want to be active, this is perfect! This is a great art museum where you can find art from all around the world. Moreover, you find here objects that vary a lot in their type, which makes going here very interesting. Also, what's great is that this museum is inside of the Villa Philbrook, which is a historic home. This makes going here with your partner even more fun!

There are public skating hours during which you and your partner can have a lot of fun. Furthermore, what's convenient is that you can rent skates at this place! It is very fun to ice skate at this place. And what's great is that everyone can do it! You can play miniature golf together at Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf.

This is a lovely miniature golf course with lots of fun holes that are fun to play together. This whole place has a pirate theme that is fun! This is a great restaurant where you can have delicious and simple dishes for lunch together. What's great is that they also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options.

For example, you can have the Bruschetta for lunch with your partner. Or you can have a great salad. Besides that, this is also a great place if you both want to have a sandwich for lunch. This is a very relaxing place to visit with your partner where you can have a drink together.

What's great about this place is the amazing view you can get from here. You'll be able to see the skyline of the city from here. So if you love amazing views, that's great. Also, I recommend going here at night as the city looks amazing because of the lights when it gets dark outside. For those who love movies, seeing a movie here is one of the most romantic things to do in Tulsa. At this place, you can see independent movies together, which is great. Seeing this type of movie together is very fun, as you likely don't know about these movies.

This makes it a surprise when you go here. Besides that, what's great is that Circle Cinema is a beautiful movie theater. It has a facade with neon lights that is beautiful to see. Moreover, it is a historic building that is almost years old.

These aspects make having a date at this place an even more romantic experience. In that case, you can go to Woodward Park together. This is a lovely urban park with flowers, trees, and plants that all look lovely. Moreover, there are walking paths, which makes it ideal for a romantic stroll together.

Staying here is one of the most romantic things to do in Tulsa. That's because this is a very modern place. The rooms are very comfortable and many of them have great views. Besides that, what's great is that there is a beautiful pool at this place.

Here, you and your partner can relax and swim together. You can get incredible ice cream at this place that they produce in small batches. The flavor of this ice cream is incredible, and you'll both love it for sure. Also, what's great is that this place has some unique ways of serving ice cream. For example, you can have an eatable cup at this place. If you like nature and you're looking for date ideas in Tulsa, this park is great. Going to this park with your partner is lovely. There is lovely nature and there are many paths.

Also, from the park, you can get a view of the skyscrapers of the city, which is great. I also recommend going here to run together. This is especially a great way to start your day in an active and romantic way! Attend a Concert Together at the Guthrie Green Guthrie Green is a great urban park that is perfect for a romantic stroll with your partner. If you're looking for romantic things to do in Tulsa, this park is wonderful. Besides that, there are lots of events at this place throughout the year.

For example, there are free concerts and there are events with food trucks. Also, you can often do workouts at this place. If you and your partner want to do something fun while being outdoors, this is a great place to go.