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Dating Someone Your Friend Slept With

Yes, she has seen his peaceful, snoring face. Your friend did the right thing by being truthful with you when the time was right. Imagine the other option?

You both handled the situation well. Now, what to do about Mr. Right Now. Personally, I would save this little nugget as ammo for the future. Whether you want to use it punishingly in one of your first real fights, or in a more light-hearted manner to just get to watch your movie choice that night, is up to you.

I vote light-hearted. The other choice is kind of psycho. If you are going to bring it up with him, I suggest you do with that same coolness that you exercised with your pal. There is no point being mad at him about this. He wanted to have sex. Your friend did too. They satisfied an animal urge. They were probably drunk each time they did it. Big whoop. You have to laugh this off. I know it feels uncomfortable for you.

First off, you have every right to your feelings. Do they hang out in person or do they just follow each other on social media? Does your boyfriend frequently message them? And more importantly, what was their relationship like before they slept together? Were they friends? Or was it a random hook up? His friendships should be respected, but chatting with girls on social media just because they once hooked up, is disrespectful.

Because the fact is, people sleep with their friends all the time. Your boyfriend is choosing to date you, not them. Dating and sleeping together are a lot different. Now, back to your feelings around all of this.