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Des Moines Singles Groups

We encourage you to check out one of the options below: Participate in Group Launch — a class offered to kickstart Life Groups, where participants are encouraged to continuing meeting once the class has ended. Take the Alpha — a week class offered throughout the year. This is a great way to get connected with a group of people, and then choose to continue to meet as a Life Group once the class has finished. Click here to see where groups are currently meeting, or to get started on creating one near you today!

Join an interest-based group that gathers regularly around a common interest or activity. Schedule a regular meeting time We encourage every Life Groups to meet at least twice per month and to make their meeting time consistent ex: every other Tuesday.

This makes it easy for group members to plan and make the group time a priority. Pick a group study Part of being in a Life Group is growing in your relationships with God. As a group, select a sermon, book, or Bible study to go through together. She recently reopened the longtime Valley Junction restaurant. Single Seniors Bucket List is not a dating service, O'Keefe emphasizes, but instead a way to enjoy events with a group of people with similar interests.

She hosted similar sites — Singe in Des Moines and Singles Over 45 — before closing them two years ago. But now I'm back in the swing of things," O'Keefe said. She's ready to start crossing items off her bucket list. She's hoping to find some new friends to join her along the way. WHEN: p. For more information, visit the site or call