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If you are an ordinary guy, it is not for you. It is meant for the elite few. Not the unwashed masses. If you know you can handle it If you already have girls calling you at all hours of the day and night, showing up at your door, throwing themselves at you everywhere you go Would the Internet soon be swamped with countless reviews of you, out there in the universe, perhaps saying you're mediocre or worse, from everyone you ever crossed at work or didn't want to go out with again?

In an age when people so carefully curate their online personas to project a positive image, this is a very scary thought for a lot of people. Investors, however, appear to appreciate the app's potential. Peeple iStock In many ways, the app was inevitable. These days, people can't even choose a nail salon without first reading its reviews online. Businesses are one thing, though, and people are another.

So, controversy seems to follow whenever those lines are blurred. Websites like RateMyProfessors. They are also often criticized for promoting educators on the basis of superficial traits rather than actual teaching ability. There's simply no way to tell a biased review from an authentic one, and many believe that Peeple would be no different.

Peeple Peeple Peeple users must be 21, have an established Facebook account, and post reviews under their real names. They must also agree to an extensive list of terms and conditions, upon registration, meant to prevent deliberate shaming and bullying of any kind.

In addition, the app allows users to approve or block reviews people write of them. The app's co-founders feel that these "built-in integrity features" will ensure a more productive and accurate experience.

The question remains, though: How could a number ever accurately represent a person? Check out this Panel Discussion I knew that he had a wife when I met him and started the affair, but I didn't think it would progress as it has. I have fallen in love with him, which I didn't expect. He says he's fallen in love with me too, but he can't leave his wife yet.

He says he "needs time" to tell her so that the divorce goes smoothly. This man is so amazing, caring and wonderful, but I feel so hopeless, like we'll never be together.