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That's not a red flag, it's a half time show. That should tell you something. Hopefully, there are no children. Sorry, but I just can't wrap myself around a man cheating on his wife as caring, amazing, and wonderful. I think you are living in a fantasy world. You are not just confused. I wrote down the names of my last five boyfriends and five things I didn't like about each one. It was going to be the one thing that would remind me not to date yet another loser.

I carried it with me everywhere I went and consulted it like an oracle every time I met a guy that seemed even remotely boyfriend caliber. My Don't Date Him, Girl list was my secret weapon. It was like a roadmap that helped me navigate the sometimes bumpy road to true love.

On page 21, I'll show you step by step how to create your own Don't Date Him, Girl list so the next time you meet a guy you'll be prepared to spot warning signs and old dating patterns. I envisioned that one woman's bad experience could save another woman some heartache down the road and that a network of support could be built around the site.

She and McCullough then created a web series called "Peeple Watching," to promote their product. In number seven, Cordray and McCullough hit the streets of San Francisco asking people what they think of the app's concept. Some seem amused. One waiter, for example comments immediately, "That's what I need. A taxi driver simply reacts, "Wow," then exhales deeply. It takes him a few minutes to fully digest the idea.

A female artist then points out how important it is for there to be checks and balances in place to control "the haters. Founded in , DontDateHimGirl. It was a venue for ladies to anonymously post stories, reviews and photographs of cheating men that had done them wrong. In theory, the site was doing a service by warning other women to avoid unfaithful men, but it soon fell under intense criticism for false and fraudulent claims that unnecessarily damaged countless reputations.

Perhaps that's why app users fear Peeple has the potential to be used for revenge and hate, as well. Peeple Peeple via Facebook Amidst a flurry of negative comments before the app even launched, Cordray and McCullough continued to post positive motivational quotes and pictures to the Peeple Facebook page. The posts range from a Teddy Roosevelt quote about how critics don't matter, to this one about following one's heart.

Peeple Peeple via Facebook Cordray has even posted a few short essays of her own, in an effort to rally support. On September 19, , for example, in a Facebook post entitled "An Ode to Courage," she wrote, "Innovators are often put down because people are scared and they don't understand.