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Duets I Cant Make You Love Me

It was worth the wait. That my dress is too tight? Fun fact: the same one in Seinfeld. But Brit makes it her own. It happens. They turn each other inside out, because they know each other inside out. The title made people expect her reggaeton move, but it sounds more like her tribute to Smash Mouth — mod Sixties guitar filtered through Nineties neo-lounge production, as Britney does the peppermint twist in her go-go boots. What kind of scent was she smearing on this guy?

Or maybe Fantasy Twist? Curious: In Control? Her private show is public property. Britney speaks to the lonely teenage girl in all of us, confiding her secrets to her journal because nobody understands her. Although Parton and Wagoner acrimoniously parted ways in , the pair made peace with each other before he passed away in Parton visited him at his bedside on the day he died. Parton and Rogers are the best of pals and make an incredibly memorable duo; they also partnered together on " You Can't Make Old Friends " in Thanks to Parton's decades-long career, she has plenty of fantastic, classic duets and collaborations -- and we just couldn't fit them all here.

Share your favorite with us in the comments section below! This list was compiled by Gayle Thompson, and revised by Christina Vinson.