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Also, benign ovarian tumors and borderline malignant tumors of the ovary can destroy the ovary. Surgical treatment of these diseases can result in the removal of normal ovarian tissue as well. A much less common condition is destruction of the ovary from an autoimmune process where a woman develops anti-ovarian antibodies that attack the egg containing follicles in the ovary.

Chromosomal evaluations are recommended for women diagnosed with premature ovarian failure All women with POF should have a chromosomal evaluation, which can be performed by a simple blood test. The majority of women with POF will have a normal chromosomal evaluation. However, occasionally a small fragment of the Y chromosome may be detected.

In this situation, the ovaries should be removed as soon as possible because there is an increased chance of developing ovarian cancer. Usually the removal of the ovaries can be achieved laparoscopically. Donor eggs are an answer for couples facing premature ovarian failure Although the diagnosis of POF is often devastating to a couple attempting pregnancy, it is still possible for an affected woman to achieve pregnancy through the use of donor oocytes see the section on donor oocyte cycles.

If the woman has a younger sister, she may be a candidate for donating oocytes. If the patient does not have a younger sister, or if her sister is similarly affected with POF, another viable option for pregnancy is the use of oocytes donated by an anonymous donor.