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Elite Chocolate Scene

Her mother, Sandra, goes to slam the door on her but wanting to hear her out, Rebe lets her in. She takes out her anger on Prince Phillipe and accuses him of attacking Mencia. Ari tells him to stay away from her sister. Ander then meets with Omar near the lake and breaks up with Omar.

Rebe and Mencia pour chocolate on each other before having sex. At the Benjamin household, Guzman takes every opportunity to belittle Samuel. Mencia meets with Armando, her boss, who had set her up with the aggressive client from the previous episode. Whilst she tells him she quits, he still wants to take her for a ride home. From a distance, Sandra records them on her phone.

Rebe views the footage of Mencia with Armando. To defend herself, Mencia reveals that Sandra is drug dealing once again. With a party in full swing, Omar finds Ander and Patrick having sex. The lyrics imply that she deserves the money she earned. The essence of the song pinpoints the big personalities of both characters. Hejira: The Elite song plays lightly in the background as Patrick enjoys a drink with Ander and Omar, both of whom feel slightly trapped in their relationship.

Nipo: Ari arrives at a towel party and gazes at Samu. Elite Season 4, Episode 4: "I'm A The characters do indeed need each other during this moment.

The soundtrack song plays later on when Ari seeks out Samu after a concert.