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The Tuo? A few seconds second-guessing yourself, and then realizing you did it wrong. I mean, just talking about a friend of course. And none of it is technically hard. The actual build, with good instructions, would take at most minutes. Ok…so…umm…I have no idea how big a road tire is. No effin clue. Again, none of this is remotely hard. A sentiment shared by a number of DCR Readers as well as sports tech trainer reviewer friends of mine. Now, since my initial setup feedback a month ago when I did this the first time, Elite has worked to put together a quick setup video on YouTube , and is also updating their written instructions to make it less confusing.

When folded, the trainer will store more easily, though not quite as flat as some other wheel-on trainers, mostly due to the toaster at the back.

I use the trainer skewer both inside and out. Some people will go back to their regular skewer for races, but I rarely remember. Then close the latch, which will make it nice and tight.

There are some key steps to getting the Elite Toaster to work consistently from a power accuracy standpoint. Aside from pumping up your tire, in my experience the rest of the steps only need to be done once a month or so. Now, all you need to do every subsequent time with the Tuo is simply ensure that your tire is pumped up to the same PSI value. This both makes the bike level, but also keeps your front wheel from wobbling all over the place.

In this mode, no matter what gearing you use, the trainer will simply stay at w or whatever you set it to. Wattage is not hard-set, only incline levels. One other thing to keep in mind is that within Zwift, by default it halves the grade values anyway. The second mode the trainer has is ERG mode. In that case, the company claims up to 1,w of resistance at 40KPH. I can only barely maybe break 1,w for a second or two.

For comparison, most pros are going to top-out in the 1,, range. So what about road feel and noise? My brain can only turn off so much of that. Still, much of the road-like feel is driven by the flywheel, and be it physical or virtual, flywheel sizes tend to be measured in weight. This impacts inertia and how it feels — primarily when you accelerate or otherwise change acceleration such as briefly coasting. All that prefacing done, the Elite Tuo blew me away here.

Historically speaking road-feel on a wheel-on trainer is iffy at best. The press-on force typically required to avoid slippage reduces the natural acceleration and deceleration, and adding to that, most wheel-on trainers have pretty small flywheels. And yet, this felt really really really good.

So kudos to them on surprising me. And as for sound? As well as a bit of a discussion on vibrations, which can be pretty meaningful here. But again, a better choice, if both of those are of concern, is a direct-drive trainer. By applying resistance control, apps can simulate climbs as well as set specific wattage targets. Read tons about it here. For me, in my testing, I used Zwift and TrainerRoad as my two main apps which are the two main apps I use personally.

I dig into the nuances of these both within the power accuracy section. Starting with Zwift, you can see the Tuo listed as not just a controllable trainer, but also within the regular power meter and cadence section. With the divided attention and equal love, there arises the need to separate the two and draw the thin line that makes them different. Who Are The Elites?

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