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Ever After High Cupid

This divine pink dress represents sky-high fashion with a Grecian-draped top, gathered skirt with a print of clouds and arrows and belt with a feather-detailed adornment. Black lacy trim on the skirt is a lovely touch, and her bronzed full feather wings are truly hexquisite! A signature golden headband with pink heart and arrow adorns her pretty flowing pink locks.

Girls can use the included doll hairbrush to style her gorgeous hair. Plus, she comes with a doll stand for easy display and a bookmark that tells her story - and encourages girls to write their own. To start your own chapter, check out all the Rebel and Royal dolls in the Ever After High collection each sold separately.

Girls will flip their crown for this elite boarding school and the spellbinding students, who enjoy sipping hocus lattes in the village of Book End - and updating their MirrorBlogs on their MirrorPads. At Ever After High, these best friends forever after are ready to write their own stories and choose their own destinies, and girls will love joining them on the spelltacular journey. Product Features Posable doll wears a Grecian-inspired dress with cloud and arrow print.

Relationships[] Family[] C. Cupid was left on the doorstep of Eros's temple as a baby. Why her biological parents did this, provided they were the ones to do it, and who they were is unknown. He taught her the family business and gave her wings.

In her diary she mentions that she has step-siblings. One notable friend of hers is Dexter Charming , who is a good listener and vice-versa. The two of them hang out together a lot. Pet[] Cupid has no pet because she can't choose one. Romance[] Cupid has a big crush on Dexter Charming, but he is unaware. Even though it saddens her, she helps him express his feelings for Raven Queen.

Timeline[] August 23, Mattel requests the trademark for C. February 01, Walmart sends out an ad containing a photo of a Monster High C. Cupid doll that looks different from the one in stores. This is believed to be a prototype version. The box behind the doll identifies her as Amore Cupid. December 19, C. April 23, C.

May 30, C. September 04, C. Cupid's profile is published on the Ever After High website. Cupid's profile art is revealed. October 08, C. Cupid makes her book debut in The Storybook of Legends.