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Falling Even More In Love With You

We're honest, nice guys and I hope that comes across in everything we do. The song was the biggest hit of summer and was eventually named the most played song of the year on the radio. I knew at the end of it that it was a love song, and I kind of come from that world, so it can be interpreted as a spiritual song or a love song. On August 12, , it peaked at number one, staying on the chart for 24 consecutive weeks.

After climbing for 16 consecutive weeks, it peaked at number six for five weeks. The music video, directed by Gavin Bowden, was first released on December 7, , on Vh1.

It had this really weird, retro vibe to it. When they were setting up the different sets, we'd have to stop every 10 seconds because a bowling league would walk in.

It was the coolest thing. Completely incomplete. I'll take Your invitation, You take all of me There's nothing in the world that can change my mind. There is nothing else. The Bible warns about Christians losing their first love I hope Jason Wade will come back to his first love to God. This song will always be my love song to God. And I know God's love for me is stronger than my love to Him. Chandler Fairchild until to make me move Still listening February Hope from Naperville, IlI've never been sure if this was about a person or God.

I would hope God because otherwise it seems really intense. It would be sweet to be for a girl but just too Find the lyrics on the internet and print them out. You will maybe understand it better. Sometimes when we see the lyrics it makes more sense. If you put yourself in his shoes and imagine he's singing it to Jesus than it will make sense to you. Ok see what he is saying? Basically a guy who is letting go of the past, of all he's ever known to be right, and he's chasing After God's own heart.

This Is what I think this means. God does not care about your past, that's why Jesus died for our sins yea, yea, yea, everyoneknows right? Anyways,He's ready to take God's invition if He will take all of him. Somethinglike that. Think About It! They also don't say the word HER.

For those that think they are love ballads to a woman. He always says YOU. The words YOU. Pc from Portland, OrNo matter how you look at the song, it is meaningful to everyone! If you are religious you know that he's talking about Jesus. Those that think it's about a relationship, a woman, you can think that too.

It's the way they sing it that makes you think about who it's directed to. You can dedicate or direct it to your grandma if you want to!

And to Megan-who says he's singing a love ballad to a girl and to tell this girl that he will never leave her and that he's forgotten everything else in his life because of her. And if another person wants to see it as, --he's trying to tell Jesus that he will never leave him again than that's what they will think. And even if they are a Christian Band what does that matter? They're music is awesome!!

Ezza from Wa, Australiai just read on their website that Jason is a Christian but the other guys in the band are not. Jason said it's open to interpretation, so that means just sing whatever you think it means but do it only if you mean it. Anybody who knows what they are talking about knows that Christian bands are trying to reach out to the secular masses by writing music which contains more subtle hints at religion. Such songs often can be applied to more secular themes such as relationships.

Its their little way of breaking into the mainstream to bring their message to people who need it. If you're familiar with Christianity, this song is chalk full of religious subtleties.

I dont even have the time or inclination to list them all. Please pull your heads out of your asses. Missy from Destrehan, LaThis song reminds me of my ex boyfriend Mitchell.

When we were going out we found that we had alot in common especially with music because we both love rock!! This is a song that I always loved even before we met and he sung it to me on the phone one night and I thought that was soo cute!!

Then I found out he was gonna be moving and we were gonna be breaking up soon because of it and it was like we were hanging by a moment with eachother living everydayday trying to make memories and being happy before we had to say goodbye. So everytime I hear this song i think of him. This song is very special to me!!! This song sounds more like a love ballad to me, the singer is trying to tell this girl that he will never leave her and that he's forgotten everything else in his life because of her.

Stephanie from Fredericton, NbI don't really think that Lifehouse is a religious band,but some of their songs can seem like it. I just think that all their songs are all very sentimental. Mia from New Market, MdOmg jason wade is soooo sooo hott i love him sooooo much hah!! Annecram from Killeen, TxAnd Robe, you don't know what real rock sounds like until you here it.

So if a million ppl like this song, you can't change their minds. You dont control ANY body's mind. And you're the only 1 that hates it. So get used to it. Annecram from Killeen, TxI agree with you Cape cod person. I mean, name one song in which they are ever reliious, and have mentioned the word god. And besides, who in the very first place be4 they wrote this song declared them a chrstian rock band?

Billy from England, Arthis osng is so freakin awsome. Kennedy from Redding, Cai personally think that life house is one of the greatest bands. I can really relate to most of their songs. They have inspired me to do a lot of things i don't think that i would ever think of doing. So, thanks to life house and to every one who helped make this band!!!