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Falling In Love Picture

The single became an Adult Contemporary hit, reaching No. Slim Whitman recorded the song in and was included in his album "Mr. This version peaked at No. Lick the Tins first released their version on a single in and included it on their album Blind Man on a Flying Horse.

I love you every step of the way. The best feeling is when you look at him…and he is already staring. Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.

Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same. I can bear the distance but cannot imagine a life without you. For you, I will go through the distance and the heartaches. You are my one and only. The thought of being with you tomorrow gives me the strength to go on today. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart. Falling in Love with Your Best Friend Quotes When your best friend is your lover as well, that is the most comfortable relationship ever. You can open up to him and you can be honest with him easily, you understand each other, nothing else to ask for.

Relationships get more exciting when you are not just lovers but also best friends. When I met my best friend, I felt like I already met my soul mate and the person I can spend the lifetime with. Being my best friend, you are the shoulder I lean on, the person I can run to, the love of my life, and my everything.

The best lovers are always the best of friends. To my best friend: I let you into my world, then you became it. We are perfect for each other for we are friends and lovers at the same time. The strength of our relationship knows no boundaries. What makes relationships stronger is when lovers start as friends and end up as partners for a lifetime. The person who drops everything for you no matter what the circumstances are is your best friend who loves you more than you have ever known.

I want also want you to be my best friend, not only a person I share a relationship with. People have verifiable physiological reactions when in this early love state. A sight of the object of their affection may cause the pulse to race and the body to sweat. Certain neurotransmitters in the brain tend to be produced in greater volume, which can promote happiness and some anxiety.

Yet most social scientists would agree that the reaction is not entirely a chemical one and involves the thinking brain and the emotions on numerous levels.

The term "fall" suggests that there's helplessness about feelings of attraction, and they're not something a person can control.

Another point on which most psychologists would agree is that falling in love is most certainly not the same as maintaining a sustained love relationship. It tends to be easy at the beginning, but remaining in love with a person can be difficult. The rush of feelings accompanied with the flush of early love make it hard to judge exactly how viable a relationship might be in the future.

Getting to know someone after the roller coaster ride of falling in love with him or her may be a fantastic way to determine if the initial fall into love leads to lasting love.