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Falling Up Falling In Love

One final, crowd-funded effort stripping back the hallucinogenic imagery and supposed self-importance and crafting a genuinely masterful concept album. Here, the lyrics are actually intelligent, instead of merely intelligence misappropriated. By coming down from the clouds and landing on a more solid story about a young girl and her family undergoing fantastical yet relatable hardships in an old, decrepit house, Falling Up has finally set the backdrop for the musical experience they have always been capable of delivering.

Yes, I said the conceptual lyricism presented here is a backdrop. If the lack of a title did not already make it obvious, this album is less about listening to Jessy Ribordy, boyish, energetic, and eclectic frontman and wanna-be sci-fi indie director and author, and more about listening to Falling Up, the talented alternative rock band. Musically, Falling Up has much in common with 's Hours, meaning that the listener is in for plenty of stirring vocal melodies, unusual song structures, and dynamic shifts.

Unlike that album, however, the sounds are far more organic, with layers upon layers of delicate electric guitar, acoustic guitar finger-picking, gentle piano, and highly technical drumming. Songs tend to run on the long side, with several reaching six minutes or longer - but with constantly-changing structures, Falling Up manages to keep the entire length of each song and, consequently, the whole album interesting.

Crashings sold 3, units in its first week, which exceeded first-week sales of any other album in the history of BEC Recordings—displacing the previous record held by Kutless , who were childhood friends of Falling Up. Crashings sold over 50, units by the end of Produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette Chevelle , Cold , the album, though more melodic and hard rock -driven as a whole, did not majorly deviate from the sound of Crashings.

Dawn Escapes pushed Falling Up's lifetime record sales to over , by the summer of Guitarist Tom Cox left the band shortly before the album's release, eventually going on to form his own band, Archers Rise , whose debut release was produced by Ribordy.

He was replaced by guitarist Micah Sannan. The band enlisted a number of touring guitarists including Hawk Nelson 's Jonathan Steingard to fill in for Kisselburgh during summer tour dates, although no permanent replacement was ever sought, with the group remaining a five-piece afterwards.

Captiva and Fangs! Later on, they would announce the release name Captiva. The album was released on October 2, After recording but before the release of the album, guitarist Micah Sannan departed Falling Up and joined the Christian hard rock band Disciple. Falling Up's fourth studio album, Fangs , was released March 24, According to their MySpace page, Fangs was to be their "heaviest album yet", something which was often disputed in the post-release period.

It was also said that the album would be "more of an arrangement than just a record that is put together randomly", as well as that it "[would] not have 14 great songs in entirety, but just intriguing moments and sections. All our partners are obliged to sign and adhere to our Code of Conduct, comprising both social and environmental standards. Our award-winning lamps combine minimalist elegance with maximum energy efficiency. We champion quality rather than quantity, resisting passing trends and embracing real innovations that improve both user experience and ecological impact.