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Regardless, this lesbian movie on Prime is actually quite enjoyable. By coincidence, she meets the free spirited circus girl Petra and I think you can guess what happens after. More Beautiful for Having Been Broken An FBI agent goes back to a small mountain town she would often go to as a kid to process the passing of her mother. It is here she befriends a woman and her disabled son. There is lots happening, maybe too much even. If you feel like crying your eyes out for 80 minutes this movie is perfect for you.

Lainey is a 49 year old actress who decides to quit and move to a beach house with her younger girlfriend and publicist Eva. The movie very accurately depicts how cruel this disease is and how it not only affects the person itself, but everyone around them.

Riot Girls Two lesbian main characters in a post-apocalyptic movie who are also in love with each other? Sign me up! In an alternate , all adults have been wiped out by a mysterious disease.

Two gangs on opposite sides of a bridge are pitted against each other. Tru Love This one is for all the lesbians who love milfs! Alice decides to visit Suzanne after she lost her husband. Now you can probably already guess what happens next!

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this film. And this movie is such a big deal. It is the most discussed lesbian steamy movie for sure. There was a huge problem with this movie: the male director. Although some male directors can pull it off, lesbian intimacy in movies directed by men is not the kind of intimacy lesbians are looking for. And in Blue is the Warmest Color the director got representation mixed up with exploitation. My proposal?

Start your free Amazon Prime trial Bound This neo-noir thriller is written and directed by the Wachowski sisters, who are both trans women. Most of you will probably know them as the showrunners who created Sense8 one of my absolute favorite LGBT Netflix shows. Violet is married to Caesar, but falls in love with Corky, the lesbian ex-con who is painting the apartment next-door. Caesar is a money launderer.

When he brings home 2 million dollars, the two women come up with a scheme to steal it. This one is a must-watch lesbian Amazon Prime movie!

They had to go to Canada for their ceremony. Luckily, in the Supreme Court ruled in her favor! The two met in and became lovers in As lesbians do, a year later they moved in with each other.

In , they formed Daughters of Bilitis, the first national lesbian organization in the US. This lesbian Amazon Prime documentary follows them through six decades and shows the struggles they had to overcome. However, it is a bit older than the two documentaries mentioned above. Focusing on Canadian lesbians, with interviews and archival footage, this documentary shines a better light on what it was like to be a lesbian back in the day.

Just like we do now, most of these women just wanted to find a community. Bean Many of us are on lesbian dating apps these days. This documentary shows us this story and how beautiful and strong love can be. I highly recommend watching these best lesbian movies.

And this movie was made in ! Does Hollywood know that we exist today as well? Also, Casey Affleck? A man accused of harassment in a lesbian movie? Big yikes. Decide for yourself! Loving Annabelle This film tells a pretty problematic story, but hey, there are plenty of these movies for straight people and there are still studios that make these types of stories today. Along the way, she falls in love with the co-owner of the restaurant, Laura. Lesbian Hulu also has amazing lesbian content! The Affair This is one of the super new lesbian movies on Amazon Prime!

The story of The Affair plays out over many years, starting in the s. Newlyweds Viktor and Liesel hire a famous architect to build their dream home. Soon everything goes wrong, Viktor falls for their nanny Kata, and Liesel might have more feelings for her friend than just friends.

I can go on and on about the yearning. And the cinematography? The film is just so soft, just like how soft women are with each other. Ugh yes, I love it! Freeheld Freeheld is based on the real-life of Laurel Hester. Laurel is a police officer in Ocean County, New Jersey.

She is also a lesbian with a partner. And she has terminal cancer. With this in mind, Laurel wants her pension benefits to be transferred to her wife after she passes away. The movie follows her and her wife during this difficult and absolutely absurd process. This movie is a real tearjerker so grab your tissues for this one!

Lost and Delirious This lesbian movie on Amazon Prime is very sad and can be triggering for some people. Mary is the new student who is put in the dorms with Pauline and Victoria.

It quickly becomes obvious that the two are in a relationship. When this is accidentally revealed, not everyone is happy with that and Victoria pretends none of it ever happened. This causes a lot of pain with something terrible happening at the end. Carol Are you an obsessed-with-Carol lesbian or are you not? This film still remains probably one of the most popular lesbian movies of our time. It was named the best LGBT film of all time in and clearly, this is a good one.

Another fun fact: the film had actually been in development since but had trouble getting financed! Can you imagine if they had made the movie back then? Carol is also on our list with lesbian Netflix movies! The film received an X rating, perhaps due to the lesbian sex scene, and there were censorship battles in England before it was released countrywide and internationally.

A woman fights her ex-husband for custody of their youngest child after the husband sues for custody when he learns that she is living in a relationship with another woman. Television movie released in November of , and groundbreaking for the time period. Written by William Blinn. Hunicutt [her mother]; and Ned Beatty as Dwayne Stabler [husband's attorney].

The film examines societal norms toward and self-identity within the stud community. Documentary: 57 minutes. YouTube: Lesbian Movies YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. Originally created in Amigas with Benefits short film Amigas with Benefits U. Latinos are amply represented in the lineup. Director Adelina Anthony. Available at remezcla. Director: Ping-Wen Wang. Five friends who love other women and assume the more aggressive role.

Directed by Paulara Hawkins. Movie was made in and runs minutes. It follows three girls on a road trip. Chinese language with English subtitles.