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For now, know that relationships have good times and bad times, and it can be fun to remember the good times. In order to funnel your energy and attention into the positive version of the story, you might want to recall a phone call or message. There is also guidance you can find in articles regarding how our brain works, and what the advantage is to various stages of getting over someone. A guide on Pinterest or Youtube are good places to start for this content and to find a coach or influencer that can help you and anyone who wants to get over feeling homesick over someone.

People who spend a lot of time together on a regular basis don't forget those core moments. Even if they don't think of them every day, similar situations will call those times to mind. For example, maybe your ex walks down the street and passes an Italian restaurant where you two had a romantic date. He will remember you at that moment. The same thing might happen to you!

Little things remind people of one another, especially if you've spent a great deal of time together. On the other hand, if you rarely saw or interacted with your ex, they might not have a great deal to remember.

Memory is an interesting thing. If you don't store a memory when it happens, that may mean that it wasn't significant or important to you.

However, just because they don't remember something that was important to you doesn't mean that you weren't important to them. It simply means they might have valued other parts of the relationship more. Sometimes memories require a different kind of trigger before we think about someone we no longer see. For example, he might remember you if prompted by something a friend says or if he sees an old picture of you two on social media.

If someone is an important part of your life, it's normal to want to connect with them even when you're apart. You might have called or texted each other, written letters or emails, or met in a chat room or on Skype. Each of these interactions creates a shared memory. He might stumble across an old email and think fondly of you. Don't underestimate the value of connecting romantically online. Think about all of the popular dating sites or apps. Internet dating allows people get to know one another in a profound way and intimate way.

It's a way to stay connected even when you can't be together as much as you'd like. Even though you didn't stay together, your ex will most certainly remember the times when you worked together to accomplish something. That success became a part of them, even though you're not longer together. Any time they build on that success, they'll remember how you achieved those first steps together-it can even be something as simple as putting furniture together. Things like that can be harder than you think, so they create a feeling of shared success.

If the two of you faced a major life crisis together, you have shared memories that you'll both retain for most, if not all, of your lives. A life challenge can bring a relationship together or tear it apart.

In either case, it is significant to both people involved. We often have strong memories about the most trying times in our lives, and if you went through something like this together, it's bound to have created a strong bond. You remember it, and so does your ex. If you reconnect, you can bring it up, and you'll both have different memories of the event to share with each other.

This should reinforce the fact that the time you spent together was significant, real, and impactful for both of you. Human beings have the capacity to change one another's lives for the better. If you supported each other through a challenge, you know exactly how that feels. On the other hand, you might still wonder if your ex has forgotten about you. Thinking too much about what your ex thinks can keep you stuck in the past. In addition to keeping you from finding a new relationship, it can also prevent you from meeting your current needs and fulfilling your greatest ambitions.

If you just can't stop thinking about your ex, it might be time to consider talking to an online therapist. A good therapist can help you find the answers you need, so you can begin to move on. This is a great opportunity for you to focus on what you need in your life. Ultimately, life isn't about your ex.

It's about what you want to accomplish: your goals, your strengths and what you see yourself achieving. An online therapist can help you focus on yourself, so you can enjoy life more in the future. Read below to learn more about how BetterHelp counselors have helped people experiencing similar issues. Counselor Reviews "Julia is a very open-minded, understanding and warm-hearted person.

She listened with kindness and without judgement. Her advice helped me tremendously through a bad break up and ensuing personal problems. Her advice and understanding has been very helpful in guiding me to a healthier mind frame. George seemed intuitive and gave me some insight as to my Ex's behavior and why things may be for the best.

Does my ex think about me during no contact? How do you know if she still thinks about you? How long does it take for an ex to forget about you? Can I feel if someone is thinking of me? How do you know if your ex will never come back? Will ex reach out again? Emotional attachments are important for mental well-being. But sometimes these attachments are not healthy—or even toxic. In such cases, they can contribute to anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem , and obsessive thinking. Problems with attachment, such as having an anxious or preoccupied attachment style , can also lead to a great deal of insecurity in relationships.

People who experience attachment anxiety may spend an excessive amount of time thinking about their relationships and seeking reassurance from others. Mental Health Conditions Obsessive thoughts centered on a single individual may sometimes stem from unresolved or untreated mental health symptoms. Such thoughts may be influenced by: Anxiety: Feeling of anxiety can sometimes contribute to worries or intrusive thoughts linked to a specific individual.

For example, people who have generalized anxiety disorder may experience excessive worry about the health and safety of loved ones. Loneliness: Sometimes you might find yourself thinking about someone because you are feeling lonely and are longing for their company or companionship. Low self-esteem: In some instances, low self-esteem might lead people to think about others who they do not have the confidence to approach in real life.

This can contribute to feeling preoccupied with that person. Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD : OCD is characterized by obsessions repeated thoughts and images and compulsions repetitive behaviors. Obsessive thoughts often center on things such as fear of germs or a need for order, but they can sometimes be focused on a specific individual. If your thoughts are accompanied by other symptoms that create distress or disrupt your ability to function in your daily life, consider talking to a healthcare practitioner or a mental health provider.

If you are interested in building a closer relationship with that person, let them know and see if they reciprocate those feelings. She knows that sometimes it's necessary to burn a bridge.

That's my kinda lady! Tired of put-downs and being strung along, she's decided she is DONE. I'm through, with you You're one bridge I'd like to burn Scatter the ashes, smash the urn I'm through with you He blew his once chance with her, and now he is out of sight out of mind. Strong and sassy, she feels like she can breathe for the first time and is finally realizing her potential. Woo hoo! Go girl!

In other words, "Thanks for breaking up with me. You did me a freaking favor. He calls his former partner to unleash some candor her way. Although he is still stuck in the past emotionally, his ex-girlfriend has found someone new. However, her new flame can't love her better than he does: He won't touch you like I do He won't love you like I would He don't know your body He don't do you right He won't love you like I would Love you like I would. She was left heartbroken and mentally "messed up" by a former lover who now wants her back.

However, his tears and regret now make her smile. Can you imagine being her next beau? In it, the narrator reflects on a past relationship, wondering where his ex-partner is and what she is doing. She was always the wild and free type. He still thinks of her and imagines it's mutual.