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Good Christian Girl

All the guys in her church were apparently still waiting for the divine signal to initiate courtship an idea that she had never really taken to , but there were dating websites, and there was the occasional colleague or friend of a friend.

So the girl dated around for a while, but nothing seemed to work out. She remembered her high standards and tried her best to be faithful to them. She wasn't going to settle for a young man who wasn't strong in his faith, mature, well-mannered, and kind. And the knowing ones shook their heads and said, "You're too picky.

She tried to give every reasonably decent guy every chance she could. She spent as much time as she could with as many Christian guys as she could.

And the knowing ones shook their heads and said, "You're spending too much time just being friends with guys. They need to know you're romantically interested. She tried to smile and flirt and be nice and dress prettily. And the knowing ones shook their heads and said, "Watch it, you're being too forward. Let the man pursue you. They don't like it when you do the pursuing.

She was quiet and meek and let the guys start every conversation. And she got fewer and fewer dates as time went by. She had her 30th birthday, and then another birthday, and then another. And the knowing ones shook their heads and said, "You've spent too much time and energy on school and work.

How did any of that teach you to be a good wife and learn to follow a man? You should have married young and had children long ago. God saves us. God sets us free. We are daughters of the King, chosen and beloved, purposed for far greater things than mere goodness. Honesty trumps goodness. Authenticity and vulnerability do not come easy. Laying yourself bare takes heaps of bravery, but there is no safer place to start than with the God who loves us just as we are.

Sit a spell in Psalm and discover why there are no secrets from a God who examines our heart and knows everything about us. Goodness is an empty pursuit, but honesty is the foundation for transformation. God can do amazing things when we give Him an all access pass to our lives. Good girls long to be kind and obedient, but that pension to please can far too often lay us flat. Kindness is a fruit of the spirit — it is filling, not depleting.

Proverbs reminds us to pursue kindness in close proximity to wisdom. God is the source of both. Seek Him, then speak and act accordingly. Look around only after you look up. Comparison robs us of the unique purpose that God has written over our lives. No one can do what God has called us to like we can. The girl next door has her own race to run.

So rather than stare, why not cheer her on — we girls are on the same side, after all. Lies are a waste of your time. We have a very real enemy who desires to steal and destroy — our identity, our voice, our purpose. We cannot be women led astray 2 Timothy by the fleeting lies of an enemy jealous of our victory in Christ.

Know the word of God and wield it as a weapon when the enemy tries to defeat you. Never sacrifice your freedom.

Jesus rewrites our ideas of good and inserts grace — forgiveness, broad space, and sweet freedom.