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RB: Oh, attitude. Lots of attitude. RB: You bet. I love it. What kind of input did you give Dave on what you wanted for the dance mix? Let them do their job. I think he did a great job. One of our conversations was about marriage equality, and you came out in support of it. It was a big moment. I remember seeing the headlines: Reba McEntire says everybody deserves marriage rights no matter their sexual orientation. And you illustrated why with a couple of friends of yours.

RB: Maybe. I walked my friends Nathan and Justin down the aisle. I just want to love people. Also, what do you think of him and his contribution to country music as an out gay artist? I liked how he kept the music, the production, real low until the end of the song, and then it got real big. I was expecting it earlier, so that was a great surprise. To me, I looked right past that. I saw he was a very talented young man who had a vision about this song, and he pursued it, and it turned into a huge thing.

I respected him for that. RB: Yeah, I can see why. You need to know the person. Have you met Lil Nas? I think it was a Sunday morning program that I learned more about him.

But admiration… total admiration for him doing that. Is everybody healthy? Are you healthy? RB: All of my bunch are doing very well, thank you for asking. It was weird, the first two months.

What do you believe is the reason for what is happening to us right now? Have you thought about that? There are bad things that have happened because of people being sick and losing their lives and people losing their loved ones.