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Hello Morning, You Look Good

At least you extended the invitation. Want to meet up? How do donuts sound? A simple text calling them handsome or beautiful is sure to put a smile on their face. Plus, you might even get a compliment back! Once they respond, you could even ask them to send a selfie or a pic of their outfit so you can see just how good they look today. I want to see that pretty face of yours.

It encompasses everything: their looks, their personality, and anything else you like about them. This compliment is sure to keep them smiling all morning long. Love starting my day out right with a text from the most beautiful girl in the world. If you dreamt about your boo, go ahead and let them know. If they ask what the dream was about, you can explain it over text or save the saucy details for later.

You once carried the sea home in a jar and held out a spoonful to me each day. And you baby chicks, peeping when I pull back the towel from your cage, pecking corn mash, sipping water, raising your beaks so the water slides down your throats.

The Times folded in the driveway, The Dow breaking 16, In China, minks and foxes are skinned alive. An artist has sculpted them in clay— sticking in a needle for each hair.

In Toronto, an anesthesiologist is found guilty of putting his penis in the mouths of twenty-one women behind the blue drape of the operating table. There are the ten thousand beautiful things and the ten thousand terrible things the Buddha said we must open our hearts to.

Dear breasts. Half a century ago I wrapped you in black lace and a boy laughed, astonished this was all for him. But be careful not to use it after 12 pm — only late risers use it then. By the way, do you know how to tell time in German? If not, then check yout this link. Good morning in different regions of Germany Learn more about the German states and capitals here or scroll down and learn how to say good morning in different regions of Germany. Playbutton This expression is used mostly in southern Germany especially Bayern Bavaria.