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As children, the characters of Cardoso and Gabriel are unnaturally close, which their mother thinks is lovely. To have the same depth of feeling carry on to adulthood needed some serious bonding between the actors. We met regularly, went out together, watched films and plays together, and became friends. More importantly, they became friends. For Abranches, this is important because he was trying to make a point through this film.

The widespread acceptance of the film, the fact that it has been chosen to be screened in India, proves I managed to get it right. The DFEH soon Miller placed under investigation, sending her more than forty questions about her professional and personal life. It is an artistic expression by the person making it that is to be used traditionally as centerpiece in the celebration of marriage.

It also has petitioned the state court of appeals to issue a writ of mandamus ordering Lampe to change his order. The sad truth is if the government wins, then no Christian business owner will be safe from persecution. The Masterpiece Cakeshop case set a good but incomplete precedent at the Supreme Court, and we hope that the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh means that there is now a permanent conservative majority on the Court in regard to matters of religious liberty.

It is mine. No matter what anyone says, I'm going to be Jackie. So thank you, Body Politic. Tegan and Sara These lesbian sisters are no con In , to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their revered album The Con, Tegan and Sara Quin compiled an eclectic roster of artists to perform covers of each song from the original.

The identical twins have both openly identified as queer from the moment they first introduced their heart-on-sleeve indie rock to audiences. Vivek Shraya , musician and author: Tegan and Sara have been unabashedly queer from the beginning of their career, inspiring countless other artists — including myself — and fans to embrace who they are, especially in a time with fewer role models.

Tegan and Sara are national treasures. Rae Spoon A multi-talented, non-binary Prairie wind As the non-binary child of Pentecostal parents, Rae Spoon faced their fair share of hurdles growing up in the Prairies — experiences which helped form the basis of their wildly empathetic musical career. Originating as a country singer, Spoon first broke ground with their album Superioryouareinferior, which featured tracks that traversed the Canadian landscape to address colonialism and personal trauma, casting the Great Lakes as an allegory for perseverance.

Spoon has toured the country numerous times since and returned to their troubled upbringing with First Spring Grass Fire, a book about growing up in Alberta, and subsequently in the Chelsea McMullan—directed documentary My Prairie Home.

Routinely incorporating Canadian geography, autobiography and pressing topics like climate change and modern politics into their lyrics, Spoon has pivoted from their country roots to become a multi-talented indie-pop musician who wears their disinterest in squeezing into the strict confines of the gender binary on their sleeve.

Lyrically, The Teaches of Peaches took all the painful, mournful, angry, horny, awkward, gnarly and unspeakable elements of sexuality, shoved them into hot pink PVC short shorts and made them the centrepiece of the conversation — all of which was a big no-no for a female artist to do at the time. With her debut album, Peaches delivered a synth-punk kick to the balls of the music industry and the men who ran it.

Upon its release, the album seemed to be very well-informed of its subcultural predecessors. Still, the genre — however frequently invalidated — provided a much-needed spit-and-glitter counterpoint to the boring, boy-heavy indie rock that dominated the record store scene of the early s.

The music on TTOP demands participation. With lyrics detailing gender-bending romance, soundtracked by raw electronics, Peaches zeroed in on the historical trauma of inhabiting female and queer bodies — and fucked it right away. She took the energy of the male-dominated punk pit, with its promise of physical contact, and replaced the violence with safe, celebratory space.

The sexual repression of the punk scene was replaced with sexual exploration. Fucking was painful but also fun. Born in Toronto by the name Merrill Nisker, Peaches — perhaps surprisingly — began her musical path as a folk singer.

Since then, her career has very much been defined by evolution. As game-changing as her first record was, Peaches followed up her debut with a drastically more uncompromising statement record, which, in her typically defiant fashion, was titled Fatherfucker. Despite potentially having access to higher production value, Peaches instead created even more gnarly, snarling and raw beats, reminiscent of the debut record by the NYC-based band Suicide.

With cover artwork featuring a portrait of Peaches boldly dawning a full beard, the album continued her exploration of themes of sexuality and gender that few had the audacity to commit to so blatantly. With her following albums and performances, Peaches has tirelessly and fearlessly continued to challenge not only her audience but her own limitations as an artist. In , she staged a borderline masochistic one-woman performance of the entirety of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Two years later, she curated a cast of international freaks and misfits to create the epic autobiographical stage show Peaches Does Herself, which she went on to develop into a feature film. And in , Peaches delivered an album that explored one of the most surprising themes in her career: her own naked vulnerability.

Predating and forecasting a slew of trends in current social dialogue and popular music, The Teaches of Peaches still sounds as raw and ready as the day it was released. As is true with all of her records, to this day The Teaches of Peaches remains a sneering, horny, minimal masterpiece that defies eras and genres; it is, as the kids like to say, still punk as fuck. Kevin Hegge is a filmmaker and freelance arts and culture writer based in Toronto. She spent the earliest years of her life living in Africville, a former Black community in Halifax and now a National Historic Site , and has since sought to preserve the systematically unsung history of Afro-Canadians, even naming her debut album Africville.

She has also notably fought to raise awareness of the disproportionate number of Black and Indigenous women who are imprisoned in Canada. Adrian Stimson His notes on camp confront colonial violence Adrian Stimson attended three residential schools growing up.

Now, as an internationally renowned interdisciplinary artist, he often incorporates physical remnants of actual residential schools into his artwork. A two-spirit member of the Siksika Blackfoot Nation in southern Alberta, Stimson produces work that examines Indigenous identity and cultural erasure. The seminal Canadian multimedia artist has been producing art for screens of all shapes and sizes since the mids.

In , he drew controversy with his project Confused: Sexual Views, a video installation that featured 27 people talking about sexuality for nine hours. In recent years, Wong has embraced new technologies as the foremost tools for artistic creation. The Montreal-raised son of folk singers Kate McGarrigle and Wainwright III came out of the closet when he was a teenager, confirming a parental suspicion that was piqued by his commitment to singing along with Blondie on the radio as a child.

Wainwright has been equally forthcoming about his homosexuality from the outset of his musical career, infusing his lyrics with drama, explicit queer desire and heartache.

Both Jorge and Felix had been diagnosed as HIV-positive and were determined not to let the virus prevent them from creating their work on a daily basis.

I saw AA every now and then when he came to Toronto, but our main communication with the New York studio was via the studio landline and fax. I went back to my hotel room that night and wept openly at how lucky I was to be a part of something so magical.

In Europe, GI were rock stars, and I was their roadie. The touring retrospective continued through with a final stop at The Power Plant in Toronto. At that point, AA and Jorge had decided to move back to Toronto, so GI rented a deluxe penthouse with a swimming pool, greenhouse, multiple decks and ample studio space atop the glamorous Colonnade on Bloor Street W.

A director on the board of the Tegan and Sara Foundation, this year she made lemonade from the anonymous hate mail that she's been receiving since by transforming it into a comic book entitled Death Threat. But MacDonald is perhaps most recognized for her successful writing career, including a series of acclaimed plays and her novel Fall on Your Knees, which follows a Cape Breton family over the course of several generations and was selected for Oprah's Book Club in So getting married and having children is the most surprising thing that has happened to me.

Reader, she said yes to both. This unexpected gesture is testament to her generosity and her commitment to giving back and paying it forward. She's also just really, really cool. And her being such a big name and swooping in in her neat outfits and me introducing her and me being so scared just meant that one day I could have that. I could be as big as her and have a family in show business and exist. So thank you for being my mentor and for being such a dear friend to me.

And also thanks for supporting all of the kids. His often blatantly homoerotic paintings marry classical configurations of the male body with contemporary renditions of deviant masculinity, depicting everything from military cadets to skinheads. We were meeting for the first time, over breakfast, to discuss a collaboration centred around music and memory, when Wayson recounted standing on a downtown Vancouver pier in amidst a makeshift Chinatown set: planes zooming overhead, capturing aerial footage; Bowie, arguably at the peak of his fame, chatting casually between takes.

One of the first things Wayson Choy told me about himself was that he had once been in a music video with David Bowie. While Wayson was already 57 years old at that time, this would be only the start of a distinguished writing career — and he would eventually leave behind a legacy as a trailblazing author who helped make space for younger generations of queer Asian writers. Wayson always marched to the beat of a different drummer.

Fresh out of UBC, where he had studied creative writing, a young Wayson pointed himself eastward and raised his thumb. Shucking off the expectations of the Vancouver Chinatown community where he had been raised — where the hope for young men was to get a good job in business or government and start a family — he had opted, instead, to hitchhike to Ottawa.

The civil rights protests being led by Martin Luther King Jr. Wayson had recently been denied a green card to the U. Later in life, at 56, Wayson discovered that he had been adopted at birth, that his biological parents were very young at the time and that his biological father was part of a Cantonese opera company in Vancouver. It made sense to Wayson that he was descended from the theatre; his unique love of storytelling and vivid imagination now seemed like part of his lineage.

As a young aspiring writer, his mother had worried about how he would make a living, and his growing collection of novels and lack of interest in marriage had perplexed the Chinatown elders. Wayson had marched on. There is a queerness in this quality, this gentle stubbornness and refusal to conform to heternormative expectations. Yet we all experience it to some degree — facing the default expectations that are put upon us, summoning the courage to resist them and clear our own path.

These values guided Wayson toward a fulfilling life, rich in friendships, chosen family and generations of admirers.