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While Pee-wee learned the valuable lesson of selflessness and discovered holiday traditions around the world, he was serenaded by such musical legends as k. While most of the classic Christmas soundtracks are full of standards, Paul Williams succeeded in making new classics of his own.

In , it was re-recorded by Aled Jones, who became a national sensation when his version went to No. Since then, dozens of artists have covered the song.

Here is the original, as it appears in the film. Buddy travels to New York City to meet his biological father played by James Caan and acclimatizes to life in the real world. Though the lyrics have changed slightly throughout the decades, the bittersweet song remains an enduring favorite. A Charlie Brown Christmas aired across the country, kicking off an annual tradition and inspiring a string of future holiday specials. Rather than supply the film with pop music, the Bay Area-based production team turned to local artist Vince Guaraldi, who wrote a sophisticated jazz score.

Fletcher Jones] Tyler, the Creator contributed two songs to the soundtrack of The Grinch , including this funky rap from the perspective of everyone's favorite Christmas villain. And while you can't see her play in this rendition of "Carol of the Bells," the track is just as mesmerizing as the music videos that made her famous. In this song, Alessia Cara sings about hoping her longtime romance will make it through the holiday season. Wonder first covered the song on his album Someday at Christmas , and so we love that Legend kept him on the track in his version.

Not renowned for showmanship, Rea departed from his usual performance style with falling snow and balloons in the auditorium and an enormous grinning Santa Claus appearing behind the drum riser. It was used in Christmas commercials for supermarket chain Iceland in , and ; the last featured a cover by Stacey Solomon. An alternative version of the single was released in Japan as part of an EP called ' Snow '.

Recording[ edit ] Rea never planned to write a Christmas song. It was several years later that while testing pianos with keyboard player Max Middleton he found a tune that fit the lyrics. Initially, it was released as a B-side to the single "Hello Friend" [14] , but afterwards was re-recorded with strings.