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This coming-of-age lesbian movie on Amazon Prime is about Mary who comes back home after a short time behind bars. Charlene says Mary is undatable, and Mary becomes determined to prove her wrong. The Handmaiden is a Korean erotic psychological thriller. It is inspired by Fingersmith, the British novel and film.

In Japanese-occupied Korea, two women from two completely different backgrounds are brought together. The two women end up falling in love and in order for them to be able to be together they have to get rid of the men in their life. The steamy lesbian scenes are beautiful and the ending is so satisfying. City of Trees Before lesbian Christmas movie Happiest Season, there were actually a few lesbian holiday movies!

City of Trees is one of these, that has sadly been overlooked. For the first time in years, Ainsley goes back to her hometown for the holidays. In her hometown, she meets people from her past, like her old classmate.

Ainsley realizes that maybe she still has some unresolved feelings for that classmate that she has to figure out. Snapshots Rose is an year-old woman who is visited by her daughter and granddaughter. When Rose sees the pictures, all of her memories of her secret relationship with her neighbor Louise come flooding back to her. Her secret past cause for other issues in the family in current times.

Definitely get your tissues ready before you start watching though. It was the first Hollywood movie that put Chinese-Americans at the forefront since The movie follows Wil, who is still in the closet. When Wil meets Vivian, there is an instant connection between the two. Together they have to figure out how to navigate their future and their culture. Cloudburst This lesbian movie on Amazon Prime is about an old lesbian couple! This is really not something that is often depicted in movies, since Hollywood loves getting rid of us before we ever reach this age.

Stella and Dotty are a couple from Maine who have been together for 31 years. After Dotty is moved into a nursing home by her daughter, Stella breaks her out and the two go on a road trip to Nova Scotia.

They go to Nova Scotia, so they can become a lesbian married couple! Besides showing that lesbians can go grow old together, it also shows the beauty of Canada. A must-watch! Princess Cyd Princess Cyd is one of those beautiful summer movies where everything is great. This is exactly what the year-old Cyd is doing. She spends the summer with her aunt in Chicago, which is where she meets the barista Katie. The rest of the summer she spends her time with Katie, trying to figure out her orientation.

Porcupine Lake In the category of beautiful summer movies, Porcupine Lake is also a good contender. This Canadian drama film is about two girls, Bea and Kate who meet in their boring little town during the very hot summertime. Bea is the quiet one, whereas Kate is the loud one. A very good movie about young teens figuring out their orientation! Regardless, this lesbian movie on Prime is actually quite enjoyable. By coincidence, she meets the free spirited circus girl Petra and I think you can guess what happens after.

More Beautiful for Having Been Broken An FBI agent goes back to a small mountain town she would often go to as a kid to process the passing of her mother. It is here she befriends a woman and her disabled son. There is lots happening, maybe too much even. If you feel like crying your eyes out for 80 minutes this movie is perfect for you. Lainey is a 49 year old actress who decides to quit and move to a beach house with her younger girlfriend and publicist Eva.

The movie very accurately depicts how cruel this disease is and how it not only affects the person itself, but everyone around them. Riot Girls Two lesbian main characters in a post-apocalyptic movie who are also in love with each other? Sign me up! In an alternate , all adults have been wiped out by a mysterious disease.

Two gangs on opposite sides of a bridge are pitted against each other. Tru Love This one is for all the lesbians who love milfs! Alice decides to visit Suzanne after she lost her husband. Now you can probably already guess what happens next! This snort-worthy comedy covers the spectrum of romantic attraction, with lots of heartfelt and funny moments along the way. Holden falls hard, but there's just one problem: Alyssa doesn't date men.

This fun comedy also has an excellent throwback soundtrack. A woman brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, intending to come out to the whole clan. But then her male roommate shows up and, well, let's just say it doesn't go as planned. This classic movie is based on that riveting story, with beautiful scenery to boot. That's where she meets Lisa, who owns half. Romance and lots of tasty-looking food follows. Grab a snack before pressing play. Sasha who's a lesbian and Paige who's straight are best friends, and always put their relationship first.

But then Paige meets a new guy that threatens their unbreakable bond. Our protagonist plans to propose to her girlfriend at Christmas when they spend the holidays with her family, but on their way there, she finds out she isn't out to them.

It's heartwarming, funny and the outfits are on point. Rooney Mara stars as Therese Belivet, a s shopgirl and aspiring photographer who falls for titular housewife Carol Aird Cate Blanchett when the latter accidentally-on-purpose leaves a glove at her shop counter. Cue the whirlwind romance, epic road trip, and bittersweet resolution. As she navigates first love, ostracism, and heartbreak, Alike finds solace in her English class and a growing passion for poetry.

It follows a romance between Lady Hideko Kim Min-hee and her handmaiden, Sook-hee Kim Tae-ri —who is actually a pickpocket hired by a mysterious con man to convince Hideko to marry him. The story starts when four D. They strike up a fast friendship that soon escalates into something more, and both women are forced to decide what is more important: their sense of filial duty or their desire to live truthfully.

Though Rachel and Luce try their best to resist their attraction to each other, it gradually becomes clear that fate just might have other plans.