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Honest To Goodness Massage

The journey might have had its ups and downs and at times must have felt like an ordeal. Yet here you are, with your cuddly, wee bundle, all grown, a full year older.

Why Living Organically Will Reduce Your Stress April 9 Life to most feels like moving at a breakneck pace with no time to pause, reflect, and rest. Postpone the nail appointments and haircuts as long as you wish but I am literally pining for someone to work out the kinks of this year so far.

I know there are more important things to miss, like regularly scheduled time with friends and family, but come on: a woman needs her self-care moments, too. It will probably be a long time before this happens again so for now, all I have is the unforgettable memory of my last lymphatic drainage massage and the insane before and after to hold me over. The visible results are totally gratifying but they also leave you feeling like the best version of yourself, especially after a menstrual cycle that leaves you more bloated than usual.

On a deeper level, lymphatic drainage massages reduce swelling, boost the digestive and immune systems , and help the body to better absorb nutrients. According to Camila Perez , the beauty expert and massage therapist who put me onto lymphatic drainage massages, what separates them from other massage techniques is the overall focus.

Our therapist, Leah, is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She has a wide range of talents from the lightest touches needed to the deeper touches, and many things in between, to help you! Leah is also very talented with Canine Massage as well as Equine Massage!