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How Independent Are You

Do you: Advise the offending party at least to be discreet? Join in the secret laughter? Tell your best friend? A way of attaining all of these? A way of surrendering yourself and giving pleasure? A way of asserting yourself and gaining pleasure? How often to you leave your phone turned off? Only on holiday, in restaurant, in Pretty regularly Never, it could be important? Rarely, don't you like to be in touch? A crowd roars in its approval of a speech. Do you: Research the text when you go home and consider?

Get caught up in the crowd's approval? Automatically mistrust the crowd-impulse? In a restaurant, you are served food which is cold, over-salted or plain revolting. Do you Summon the waiter and quietly ask to have the dish replaced? Say nothing until the end of the meal, then insist on a reduction in the bill? Say nothing for fear of a row? Solitude for a full day or evening is: Intoleralbe, inducing a sense of failure? A delight, a chance to think and to recharge the batteries? Your partner is invited on a company junket abroad.

You are: Outwardly supportive, but storing up recriminations for future use? You will head down to the travel agent on your own account? You worry: All the time? Only when it can lead to solutions? You are hard-pressed for money. A bill arrives in the mail. I'm seriously mad. Now I'm stuck at home! I call another friend - I can't go by myself! It's not very appealing.

Politely decline Accept because you don't want to hurt their feelings How do you feel? Stressed out Like I want to cancel the trip So excited! What's your approach?

As new opportunities to shine! Depends on the situation. Not well but I try my best! I don't, too much of a headache. Get my friends to help out! Manage everything on my own. Call a caterer. My mom will do everything for me. Your first reaction? Are you crazy?!!