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How To Ask For A Tip Politely

When it comes to room service some hotel have an envelope to put tips in but if the don't you can simply leave cash on the nightstand for room service to take. They should be used to this and if you simply leave a note to signify that this is in fact a tip for them there is nothing wrong with that.

I find it easier to just leave one total tip at the end of your stay instead of leaving one daily. When it comes to a bartender all 3 ways you describe are acceptable. Not sure how it works but you don't want to be closing out your bill at the end of the night and the bartender you've been getting drinks from most the night has already left for the night.

I think most people that you will be looking to tip won't ever be offended or embarrassed no matter how you decide to tip them. Make clients feel special and they will never forget to tip. They found that offering clients small gifts significantly increases tips.

Do the math. Spending an extra 45 cents on each client is worth an extra few dollars per client in tips. Offering coffee is even cheaper to go after those better tips! If you want to get fancy, offer alcoholic beverages. Also check with your insurance agent to see if a special rider is required if you serve alcohol in the salon. Ideal clients give generous tips and they are the people you should be putting in the extra effort for.

If you work as a beauty professional where the customers can choose you on their next visits, provide the best service possible to the big tippers. Building rapport with quality clientele, can drastically increase your tip income.